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CAR-T Therapeutic Efficacy Study

Chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cells are engineered T lymphocytes that are able to recognize tumor specific antigens and induce programed cell death. The specificity and potency of antigen recognition plays the key role during CAR-T treatments. In recent clinical trials, CD19 CAR-T cells have produced 70%-90% of successful targeting against CD19+ B lymphocyte leukemia in young adults and children (1). The impressive clinical results have inspired further development of CAR-T cell therapy against other types of cancers. Preclinical efficacy study of CAR-T cells in animal models provides valuable information for its application in later clinical trails.

Creative Animodel offers preclinical in vivo studies for your CAR-T cell efficacy in tumor xenograft mouse or rat models.

Hematopoietic cancer
Efficacy study of CAR-T cells targeting hematopoietic cancers focuses on the aspects of tumor cell counts, analysis of the cell content of peripheral blood cell and bone marrow, and survival analysis of CAR-T treated animals. We provide both end point and time course studies.

Analysis methods:
✓ FACS analysis of hematopoietic cell content
    o Peripheral blood
    o Bone marrow
✓ Kaplan-meier survival analysis

BD FACSAria flow cytometer for analysis of hematopoietic and bone marrow cell content

Figure 1. BD FACSAria flow cytometer for analysis of hematopoietic and bone marrow cell content

Solid tumor
Efficacy evolution of CAR-T cells against solid tumor focuses on monitoring of tumor size during the course of treatment and immunestochemistry analysis of xenograft tumor samples after the treatment.

Analysis methods:
✓ Tumor size measurements
✓ Animal necropsy and immunohistochemistry (IHC) study
✓ Bioluminescence imaging of tumor size and metastasis
✓ Kaplan-meier survival analysis

Tumor cell monitoring by bioluminescent imaging

Figure 2. Tumor cell monitoring by bioluminescent imaging

Our efficacy studies can be applied to engineered T lymphocytes (CAR-T), engineered NK cells (CAR-NK) and any other modified version of cell therapy against tumors. Our experienced scientific and service team will assist you to choose the most suitable analysis combination for your CAR-T therapy efficacy evaluation. With our state-of-the art technology, we will provide you with quality service to advance your drug through clinical trials.

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