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Our Advantages

Adequate space
Creative Animodel has heard many times the complaints from clients and scientists that they don't have enough space at their animal facilities to maintain all the models. Researchers would like to run more pre-clinical studies, but actually don't have the space to do so. In this situation, our laboratory offers solutions to our customer's space problems by providing outsourcing breeding options. Let us expand your research capabilities by conducting whole research studies or individual experiments that are parts of larger projects. This can be especially advantageous for molecular biology startups that want to perform a transition from an in vitro to an in vivo model but don't have animal facilities.

Exact timeline
Time constraint may be a second critical problem in preclinical researches. There are many ways our laboratory can use to ease your time constraints. For example, an antitumor compound evaluation study, in which animals are inoculated with tumor fragments or cells, would allow you to receive successful further testing. Additionally, with the data of xenograft models we have acquired, we can offer relatively exact timeline of an efficacy study. This means that you can coordinate the time arrangement between this research project and others. As well, pathology, toxicology, and tissue collection services will save you a lot of time in the efficacy study.

Comprehensive expertise
In the past years, Creative Animodel has accumulated plentiful experience on study program management and constructed a completed work system on oncology services. Scientists and technicians in our laboratory have many successfully finished oncology services. All of them are the expert in their own area of expertise. Furthermore, we have some great consultants from national and international institutes. Therefore, we are confident to provide you the first-class preclinical services.

Reliable quality assurance
All studies are performed under the terms of a signed statement of work that is developed in conjunction with our study directors, Quality Assurance Department and the Sponsor to meet specific study objectives.

Study process is monitored for quality by Our Laboratory's Quality Assurance Department. One of the primary responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Department is to spend 50% of their time in the labs and barriers monitoring the performance of technicians. While the supervisors are monitoring the performance of technicians they are also monitoring the data that is collected during a project. This management mechanism will provide you a trustful research data.

Low cost
Creative Animodel' experienced study directors can exactly arrange the study in the principle of saving every coin for customers. Therefore, most experiments conducted in our laboratory cost less money than other laboratories in the base of equivalent service quality.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.

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