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Animal Models for the Study of Muscle Pain

Creative Animodel is the leading service provider for developing and studying animal models for the study of muscle pain. With our experienced experts, we provide fully assistance from project design to project executing, all the way until data analysis and reporting to advance your progress towards IND approval. We will guide you with the most suitable strategy for experimentally induce muscle pain and best way to assess the intensity, the quality, and the distribution or location of the pain.

Find the most useful animal model for your study plan is essential. Creative Animodel has high quality science and specialized knowledge to help our clients develop the most feasible and reliable animal model.

Creative Animodel has several strategies to experimentally induce muscle pain including:
• Intramuscular injection (algogens, bolus and intramuscular infusion)
• Ischemic contraction
• Novel or prolonged exercising
• Mechanical stimulation
• Electrical stimulation

Creative Animodel also provides various pain assessment methods, which includes, but is not limited to:
• Assessment of muscle nociception in anesthetized animals
• Behavioral assessment of muscle pain in a lightly anesthetized model
• Post-injection sensitization in a lightly anesthetized model
• Behavioral assessment in awake animals
• Grip force as a model for muscle hyperalgesia
• Bite force as a measure for craniofacial muscle hyperalgesia

Medical treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain can cost a lot of money and many people lost work productivity cause of it. But what we know about the underlying mechanisms of chronic muscle pain is relatively little. Muscle pain can be regional or widespread and generally more diffuse than cutaneous pain, precise assessment the features and distribution of pain is necessary to evaluate the efficacy of therapy. The understanding of pathophysiological basis for chronic muscle pain was been limited by the lack of adequate animal models. However, with renewed interest in the subject, we have developed more refined methods and more promising approaches for the investigating of muscle pain. Also those approaches are better parallels between human and animal models.

We can assess animal pain by activation of nociceptors, recruitment of central nociceptive pathways, and predictable nocifensive behaviors in animals. In addition, experimental animals for pain study need special consideration because ethical issues. We have professional and experienced experts to handle those complicated technical and ethical problems, and help our clients to reach research goals.

Animal Models for the Study of Muscle Pain

Creative Animodel totally understands the blooming of muscle pain study, since chronic pain is now becoming as important as diabetes and asthma. And with environmental issues and psychological stress, chronic muscle pain will more common in the future. We will work closely with you to obtain the most effective and meaningful data from muscle pain study using animal model.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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