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Animal Models of Lymphoma

As a common hematologic malignancy, lymphoma has been a subject of extensive researches. To support these studies, animal models are necessitated and developed to decipher immune escape mechanisms and design new therapies. Creative Animodel is able to provide spontaneous and induced lymphoma models that can occur in transgenic mice to investigate characteristics and microenvironments of tumors in preclinical studies of both Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Animal Models of Lymphoma

Subtypes of lymphoma murine models:
Murine models which are spontaneous, developed in genetically engineered mice and induced by implantation of a tumor cell line are all available in Creative Animodel. Among these, induced models can be generated by injecting cells in lymph nodes (nodal location) or outside of them (extranodal location).

Animal Models of Lymphoma

Spontaneous models of lymphoma:
● B10H-2a H-4bp/Wts
● Eμ-N-myc
● NFS.V+
● B6-1-MYC
● VavP-Bcl2
● Lig4/p53 KO
● Eμ-BRD2
● Bcl6 knock in
● Bcl6/Myc transgenic
● IL-14aTGxc-Myc YG(DTG)
● Eμ-myc
● RzCD19Cre
● UVB induced

Available lymphoma cell lines for induced models:
● L1210 (lymphocytic leukemia cells)
● Carcinogen induced 8C13
● Raji
● B6 spontaneous
● Gammaherpesvirus-68-infected mice S11
● Nitrosomethylurea induced mouse lymphosarcoma cell line
● Myc5-M5 (tumor induced p53 null mice injected with myc encoding retrovirus)
● FL5.12 transfected by Bcl2
● HKBML (brain lymphoma origin)

Available animal strains:
● C57Bl/10 (H-2b)
● C57Bl/6 (H-2b)
● C57Bl/6 × sv129
● NMRI (H-2q)
● BALB/c (H-2d)
● C3Hf/kam
● FVB (H-2q)
● C3H/HeN (H-2k)
● SCID mice (H-2d)
● Humanized BNXhum
● BALB/c nude (H-2d)
● Nude mice (H-2b)
● Nude rats (RT1u)

Injection site for inducing animal models:
● Intravenous
● Intrasplenic
● Intraperitoneal
● Subcutaneous
● Intramuscular
● Stomach
● Intracerebral
● Cisterna magna
● Intraocular

Animal models for novel antitumor treatments:
● Syngeneic murine models
● Syngeneic models with engineered tumor cells to express human antigens
● Implant tumor cells into immunodeficient mice
● Humanized immunodeficient mice implanted with tumor cells

Thanks to many years’ efforts, Creative Animodel has developed a number of unique models of lymphoma using advanced techniques to study lymphomagenesis, microenvironment of lymphoma, as well as the efficacy of new therapies. Now all of these models have become powerful tools to evaluate the direct effect of new drugs against a particular lymphoma, and to better understand the relevant pharmacology prior to clinical studies. In addition to model creation services, we also help clients answer their technical questions and aid with study design. To learn more how we can help with individualized experiments, please feel free to contact us.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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