Colony Forming Cell (CFC) Assay

In vitro colony-forming cell (CFC) assay is often utilized in the evaluation and quantification of multipotential and lineage-restricted myeloid, erythroid, megakaryocytic progenitors, as well as pre-B-lymphoid cells in animal models, which require sterile preparation of cells to prevent unwanted contamination of these long-term cultures. Since 2010, Creative Animodel has performed this assay for world-wide pharmaceutical companies, government and research institutes to study human hematopoiesis. We can also provide customized services for individualized studies in preclinical drug development.

Our services include:
● Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC)/hematopoietic progenitor cell (HPC) assays:
・Hematotoxicity prediction
・Immunotoxicity assessment
・Efficacy of growth factor and cytokine mimetics
・Mobilization/engraftment studies
・Evaluation of clinical trial samples for CFC/CFU frequency
● Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) assays
・Evaluation of biomarkers of cell surface
・ Detection of the ability to suppress T cell proliferation
・Assessment of stem cells differentiation into adipocytes, osteocytes and chondrocytes
● Other types of CFC assay:
・In vivo (HSC)
・Multi-lineage (LTC-IC, CFU-GEMM)
・Erythroid (BFU-E, CFU-E)
・Myeloid (CFU-GM, CFU-G, CFU-M)
・Megakaryocyte (CFU-Mk)
・Lymphoid (Pre-B)

Colony Forming Cell (CFC) Assay

Available species:
● Human
● Mouse
● Rat
● Canine
● Non-human primate

Samples of collection:
● Cord blood
● Bone marrow
● Peripheral blood

Methodology of CFC assay
● Cells are plated in semi-solid medium
● Progenitor cells proliferate and differentiate during the culture period (up to two weeks)
● Distinct colonies grow from individual progenitor cells in the semi-solid medium
● Colonies are classified and counted to determine total number of differentiated colonies of each cell lineage

Colony Forming Cell (CFC) Assay

Parameter assessment includes:
● Total cell count and viability
● Frequency of total colony-forming units
● Frequency of specific lineage-committed progenitors

Parameters can be determined for:
● Peripheral blood samples from clinical trials and preclinical studies
● Mobilized peripheral blood clinical samples for transplantation
● Cord blood samples for banking and/or transplantation

Why choose Creative Animodel?
● Reliable quality: We have built a reputation by providing high-quality results to meet every specific requirement of clients
● Efficient communication: We place a priority on good communication and prompt discussion with clients throughout our studies.
● Extensive expertise in stem cell biology: We possess a professional scientific team owning extensive knowledge in stem cell biology and the hematopoietic CFC assay, that guarantee high-standard products for clients.

To learn a more in-depth knowledge on CFC assay, please feel free to contact us.

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