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Conditional Knockout

Creative Animodel has developed an innovative platform "RSKOT" (rapid and stable knockout technology) enabling the generation of conditional knockout mouse lines starting from the same targeted ES cell clones. This reduces the risk associated with constitutive knockouts (lethality, complex phenotype etc.) by allowing the switch to conditional models if necessary. This approach avoids time delay and facilitates model up-grading.

  • Tissue-specific. Conditional knockouts provide you temporal and tissue-specific gene knockout control while allowing the mouse model to mature under the normal operating role of your gene(s) of interest. The induced mutations cause a controlled inactivation of the targeted gene, providing a developed adult model without the function of your targeted gene.
  • Inducible. Inducible mouse models allow for the inactivation of genes in specific cells and tissues at specific times. This strategy can bypass the limits that are usually observed with constitutive knockout models (e. g. embryonic lethality, compensatory mechanisms or complex phenotype). Creative Animodel has developed a few inducible expression systems, such as Tetracycline-Inducible Systems and Cre/lox System. In contrast with some tissue-specific knockouts, this strategy enables the study of gene inactivation at various defined developmental ages or stages. Inducible knockouts enable to more accurately model age-related diseases.
  • 2-in-1 KO. Generating both constitutive and conditional KO models with the same gene would usually require work on two separate projects. At Creative Animodel, however, we have developed the "RSKO" technology that allows us to generate both constitutive and conditional KO mice from a single project. This innovative solution results in substantial savings in time and money.
Process Diagram (Cre-LoxP system)

Conditional Knockout

As a world leader in gene targeting services and custom mouse model production, Creative Animodel has over a decade of experience serving clients across six continents. Our full-service model has enabled medical and academic researchers to receive over one thousand successful and unique gene targeted model lines. Furthermore, our solutions enable investigators to obtain reliable data early in the development cycle, reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market, and create a strong competitive advantage.

Our services provide clients with access to world class scientific staff who are knowledgeable in the unique and inherent difficulties of development and reproduction in knockout technique, and to specialized resources across the globe.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.
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