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Custom Humanized Mouse Services

Humanized mouse models refer to mouse models which are engrafted functional human genes, cells or tissues. Those Humanized animals are extensively used as the replacement of in vivo study of human diseases, and they have a huge advantage and wide range of application prospects in elucidating the pathogenesis, drug screening, etc.

Currently, a humanized mouse model has been widely used in basic and clinical research, mainly involving AIDS, cancer, infectious diseases, immune diseases, degenerative diseases, etc. For these dieases, conventional animal models are not suitable to study their pathogenesis, prevention and therapeutic strategies. To overcome that limitation, immunodeficient mice have been developed. Immunodeficient mice lack immunity ability, so they are easy to accept heterologous cells or tissues relatively.

Creative Animodel will deliver its services with the highest possible quality standards, and will make sure that the selected customers will be satisfied with the entire process of paid activities. Our Humanized mice and rat models have been used in the scientific community around the world to study the biology of gene function(s) and establish numerous animal models of human disease.

Humanized Mouse Model

Humanized Mouse Model
Humanized Mouse Model

The Workflow of Humanized Mouse Model

The Workflow of Humanized Mouse Model

1. Humanized mouse strategy design

* Our research scientists will work closely with you to develop detailed study protocols to meet your goals
* Targeted gene analysis and design for the founder screening
* Targeted embryonic stem(ES) cells preparation

2. Humanized mouse vector construct

* Humanized mouse vectors to construct
* Constructed vector electroporates into targeted ES cells effectively
* PCR screening recombinant ES cells
* Southern Blot identified positive clone cells that PCR screened

3. Pronuclear Injection

* Positive cloned cells for blastocyst injections
* Blastocyst implanted into pseudopregnant surrogate mouse

4. Humanized mouse screening

* Chimera mouse generation and screening

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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