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Energy Expenditure Test of Obesity

Creative Animodel provides one of the most comprehensive services for energy expenditure test of obesity. Our experienced experts provide one-stop custom service from model selection, experimental design and consultation, statistical analysis by a qualified statistician, fully audited data pack and report written. We offer the strategy and experimental design that best fit your needs and herein to accelerate the speed to achieve your research goals.

Energy input and output control the balance of body weight. Energy output includes resting metabolic rate, meal-induced thermogenesis and activity. Compounds which increase energy expenditure may produce weight-loss and the effects of novel anti-obesity drugs on both sides of the energy balance equation should always be examined.

Energy Expenditure Test of Obesity

Creative Animodel offers detection of animal activity using automated equipment: open field activity system and home cage activity system, with key features:

  • ✓ Advanced diagnostic utilities
  • ✓ Records complete experimental data
  • ✓ Advanced playback of experiments
  • ✓ Post-experiment mutable sample duration
  • ✓ Comprehensive variable list with selectable units
  • ✓ Comprehensive security features

Activity equipment has the capability of measuring ambulatory activity count, movement count, movement time, stereotypy activity count, stereotypy episode count, etc.

Creative Animodel offers measurement of drugs on resting metabolic rate and thermogenesis using open-circuit calorimeters, with key features:

  • ✓ Mass flow measurement
  • ✓ Chambers meet long-term housing rules
  • ✓ Minimal retention of evolved gases
  • ✓ Drug treatments can be given acute or chronically via a variety of different routes.
  • ✓ Ease of operation

Open-circuit calorimeters can be used to measure:

  • ✓ Oxygen Consumption, VO2
  • ✓ Carbon Dioxide Production, VCO2
  • ✓ Respiratory Quotient, VCO2/VO2
  • ✓ Heat output
  • ✓ Respiratory exchange ratio (RER), the ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the expired air from the sealed cages
  • ✓ Respiratory quotient (RQ)

And additional parameters include, activity, feeding mass, drinking (licks and/or volume) body temperature, heart rate, urine collection/monitoring and special treadmills monitoring metabolic performance under exercise.

Creative Animodel offers bomb calorimeter to determine the energy content of food, carcasses and faeces. Measurement of the energy content of food, faeces and carcasses by bomb calorimetry, together with the results of feeding studies, helps us to evaluate the effects of potential anti-obesity drugs on energy intake, energy expenditure (the difference between energy intake and carcass energy content) and therefore total energy balance.

Creative Animodel is dedicated to provide the services for obesity study to advance the development for potential therapeutics into clinical studies. We will be with you on each step for obtaining meaningful and suggesting data from animal model studies for obesity.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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