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In vivo Efficacy Testing

At Creative Animodel, we offer a wide range of CDX or PDX models for efficacy studies, either as subcutaneous models or as orthotopic and metastasis models in immunodeficient mice. Our tumor-bearing, humanized-xenograft models also has the potential to meet your requirement of preclinical evaluation of immunotherapies. Besides, our efficacy testing platform provides customers with study designs which are individually tailored to your needs within a reasonable timeframe, indicating a proof of concept or therapeutic efficacy validation. Services in Creative Animodel include the following categories, but are not limited to: 

• Efficacy tests on subcutaneous models

  • ♦ Usually 5-10 mice per group
  • ♦ Tumor grown in nude mice or other mouse strains
  • ♦ Grafting conditions: matrigel
  • ♦ Tumors are generally inoculated on the flank
  • ♦ Tumor measurement is conducted bi-weekly
  • ♦ Both mono- and combination therapy is supported
  • ♦ Maximum Tolerated Dose analysis(MTD)
  • ♦ In vivo Apoptosis
  • ♦ Pathway Interrogation
  • ♦ Tumor antigen testing
  • ♦ Detecting parameters contain body weight, tumor volume, serum, tumor tissue analysis etc.

In vivo Efficacy Testing

• Efficacy tests on orthotopic, metastatic and disseminated tumor models

  • ♦ Usually 5-10 mice per group
  • ♦ Grafting conditions: whole body irradation
  • ♦ Orthotopic models are established by orthotopically inoculated into colon, breast, liver, prostate, pancreas or renal. Metastatic models and disseminated models are established via intravenous injection.
  • ♦ Tumor progression is monitored by in vivo bioluminescence imaging.
  • ♦ Detecting parameters contain body weight, tumor burden, survival curve, hemanalysis, tissue analysis, genotyping etc.
  • ♦ In vivo Apoptosis
  • ♦ Pathway Interrogation
  • ♦ Tumor antigen testing
  • ♦ Flow cytometry analysis of tumor infiltration into spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes etc.

• Assessment of therapeutic antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies are promising therapies at present, especially for hematological malignances such as the application of Rituximab in the treatment of NHL. Creative Animodel has established unique models and experimental techniques which enabling the translation of your developed monoclonal antibody into preclinical tests. The detection of pharmacokinetics (ELISA), bioavailability (biodistribution of radiolabeled Abs by whole-body autoradiography, organ radioactivity analysis or PET imaging), as well as the albumin-conjugate in vivo of the mAb can be achieved through our humanized-xenografts. In addition, Creative Animodel also supports combinational therapy tests to evaluate curative effect by changing administration sequences and dosages.

Customers` benefits include the following aspects, but are not limited to:

  • • Accelerated drug development process
  • • Rigorous and efficient work with accurate time-frame
  • • Better advises on scientific issues by specialized researchers
  • • High quality and reproducible experiment results
  • • Professional and high-end data presentation

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