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Indomethacin-Induced Inflammation in Small Intestine

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Indomethacin (INN) is a nonsteroidal drug with anti-inflammatory anti-pyretic and analgesic properties. It is commonly used to decrease the fever, pain and other effects caused by inflammation. Interestingly, small intestinal inflammation as Crohn’s disease could be induced by two 24 hour apart subcutaneous injections of indomethacin in rat 1. Although the reason that caused the inflammation is not clear yet, it is believed that the injection of indomethacin could significantly increase the mucosal permeability of small intestine and further cause damage and inflammation condition to the small intestine. These symptoms make it an appropriate model for Crohn’s disease research and could be used for new drug or therapy investigation.

Indomethacin-Induced inflammation in Small Intestine

Figure 1 Effect of INN induced inflammation. (a, b-Control; c, d-Indomethacin, 5mg/kg) 2

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Creative Animodel also provides various preclinical service for IBD, which includes, but not limited to:

• Assessment of Inflammation score
• PK/PD blood collection
• Body weight measurement
• Gut immunohistochemically images
• MPO (Myeloperoxidase) activity assessment
• Assessment of pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-1β, IL-6, IFN-γ, TNF-α
• Endoscopy imaging
• Analyses of inflammation related miRNA (miRNA qPCR, miRNA microArray)

Indomethacin-Induced inflammation in Small Intestine

Figure 2 Selected preclinical service 3

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2. Silva M, Rao V, Souza C, Neve J, Menezes D, Santos F, Andrade G. Evaluation of thalidomide against indomethacin-induced small intestinal damage and systemic toxicity in rats. Biomedical Research 2012; 23(1): 125-133.
3. Kim JJ, Shajib MS, Manocha MM, Khan WI. Investigating intestinal inflammation in DSS-induced model of IBD. J Vis Exp 2012.
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