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Isolation of Epithelium from Crypts and Villi of Small Intestine

Creative Animodel is dedicated to providing the service with highest quality that meets our customers’ special needs. Our experienced scientists work closely with you to provide the epithelium of villi and crypts from small intestine. This isolation service could be performed in any mice model of your choice including wild type mice and other genetic modified mice. We deliver tissue, protein, RNA, miRNA of villi and crypts for you research. We also offer preclinical service against villi and crypts including 2D-DIGE, miRNA microarray etc.

Villi and crypts are two fundamental structures in small intestine. Villi are small finger-like projections on the small intestine. Small intestine is the most important organ for digestion. The digested food and nutrients were further absorbed by villi in the small intestine and transports to other places of the human body by blood. We call this process absorption. Obviously, villi are crucial for nutrients absorption, and the disruption of villi structure could certainly affect the intestinal health. Crypts, on the other hand, are invaginations of the epithelium around the villi. Stem cell were found at the base of the crypts. These stem cells continually divide and provide the source of all other epithelial cells. Briefly, stem cell in the crypt maintain the structure of villi. 1, 2.

Left panel from Medical Dictionary. S.v

Left panel from Medical Dictionary. S.v

The crypt-villus axis is relevant to the small intestinal homeostasis. Cell proliferation, lineage-specific differentiation, migration, and finally apoptosis and/or cell shedding are tightly related processes that regulated along the crypt-villus axis 3. While a number of factors that regulate cell fate and differentiation in the intestine have been identified 4 5. Moreover, the overall gene expression, miRNA expression and protein expression was found differentially expressed between the crypt and villus 6. Some of the differential expressed miRNAs and proteins are highly related to inflammation. Thus to better understand the small intestine and digestive disease, it is crucial to get better understanding in villi and crypts.

Isolation of epithelium from crypts and villi of small intestine

Creative Animodel also provides experiment services on the villi and crypts, which includes, but not limited to:

• miRNA qPCR service of villi and crypts
• miRNA microarray service of villi and crypts
• 2D-DIGE service of villi and crypts
• RNA array service of villi and crypts

Creative Animodel is dedicated to provide best service for your specific research needs. Our one-stop service covers steps from mice creation to preclinical service. We would create the genetic modified mice of your choice including knock-out, knock-in and knock-down model, and further perform the isolation of villi and crypts on the certain transgenic mice. Creative Animodel is your best partner to accelerate the speed to achieve your research goals.


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