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Knockin Services

Creative Animodel provides a high quality service for the generation of gene-targeted knock-in mouse models. Our team has many years of experience in vector design, ES cell targeting and mouse handling.

Below you will find our different types of Knock-in designs:

  • Custom Humanized Mouse Services -This type of mouse models are extensively used as the replacement of in vivo study of human diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, infectious diseases, immune diseases, degenerative diseases, etc. Creative Animodel will deliver its services with the highest possible quality standards, and will make sure the selected customers will be satisfied with the entire process of paid activities
  • Point Mutation - Introduces a specific point mutation at a specific nucleotide position within the gene of interest. The mutated mouse gene substitutes for the wild type mouse gene while ostensibly preserving the endogenous regulatory regions.
  • Inducible Point Mutation - Introduces a point mutation in a time-controlled manner. This strategy allows the scientists to bypass the limits usually observed with constitutive point mutant such as lethal phenotype, compensatory mechanisms and complex phenotype.
  • Reporter/Tag - Introduces a reporter gene such as GFP, lacZ, mCherry, tdTomato, YFP and DsRed into the locus of a target gene in order to monitor the expression of that gene at the transcriptional or translational level. May also be used to monitor protein trafficking.

Full-Service Knockin Production
Creative Animodeloffers a full gene targeting service starting from vector design and construction and finishing with the generation of a targeted mouse line. A fully customized mouse model tailored to your research program will help you achieve your goals.

Details of work:

Details of work

Secure Confidentiality
Materials and information provided and sent to Creative Animodel are kept private by the strictest security measures. Assay outcomes and experimental data are proprietary to our clients and are also kept confidential. Creative Animodel does not disclose confidential information to third parties unless instructed to do so by the client.

Please contact us to discuss your project plan for your fast and site-specific Knock-in Services.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.
* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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