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Model Creation Services

Creative Animodel is rich experienced in animal model creation, which are performed by our own professional elite teams composed of qualified experts and specialists. We can help you to break down barriers of time and money investment in experiments and promise optimized schemes for efficient researches. Since our inception in 2010, we have triumphantly developed substantial animal models, as well correlation drug efficacy studies for future medicine and therapeutics.

Our comprehensive Model Creation Services platform sets on a robust technical foundation, including the most advanced genome-editing technology including CRISPR/Cas9, as well as traditional model creation approaches. It helps to extend studies the mechanism and treatment of diseases, such as the research on effects of cancer-causing viruses and the effect and safety studies of a lead drug candidate for the treatment of a particular disease.

Furthermore, our Model Creation Services provides fully custom model generation package, which can not only meet your advancement from lower model animal species to higher level animal studies, such as from rats to non-human primates. We know how to make the smooth and scale-fitting transition across species, as we have experts who have been well trained and experienced in various model animals, from nematodes to fruit fly, from mouse to non-human primates.

Creative Animodel utilizes embryonic stem (ES) cells microinjection purposefully intervene genetic composition of animals, resulting in new hereditary properties appearance and stability. We inject ES cells obtained from mouse blastocyst carrying a foreign gene into early embryos of animals, to engender chimera and transgenic animals. ES cells are highly versatile to form all tissues including germ cells and present different functional states under relevant culture conditions. Therefore, ES cell lines are available to carry incomplete or non-functional genes clients required and produce a certain loss of gene function in offspring by cell proliferation and screen. However, before this, a carrier (targeting vector) based on customer demand needs to be established to obtain the recombinant cells for culture and positive-negative selection to purify targeted ES cells and guarantee the success rate.

Model Creation Services

With the support of this technology, the maneuverability of exogenous genes’ integration is improved, and we can detect the localization, expression and the copy number of exogenous genes at a cellular level in advance and ensure the stability of insertion. Creative Animodel has been possessing a unrivalled team and world leading experimental operations has overcame difficulties of the establishment and nurture of ES cells, and successfully broadened this technology from mice to rats and rabbits. Moreover, we collaborate with a prestigious instrument company and have equipment package required in ES cell microinjection, which is also extremely sophisticated to ensure the reliability, accuracy and repeatability of results. 

Furthermore, besides genome editing approach, we also apply various methods to develop the most suitable disease models. For instance, we use toxin to induce Parkinson’s disease model on mice, rats and non-human primates. Indeed, we have established a comprehensive disease model development service platform, which can bridge your discovery from pre-clinical to clinical studies.

Creative Animodel is at the forefront of high technology and superior service, and offers clients incomparable designs at most favorable prices for the cutting-edge research.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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