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Preclinical Animal Studies for Human Hematopoiesis

To support new therapeutics discovery and research for hematopoietic disease, using animals to study hematology and disease intervention, as well as for a success gaining of IND approval, Creative Animodel provides custom preclinical animal studies from model development, lead drug candidate efficacy studies, to toxicology testing that made specifically for human hematopoiesis. We will advance your studies via different approaches to reproduce normal hematopoiesis across mammals and to understand the mechanism of various disorders both in humans and in animal models. We also offer a board suite of services including animal health monitoring, in vitro blood assays and data analysis to address your needs.

Preclinical Animal Studies for Human Hematopoiesis

Available Species and featured technology offered by Creative Animodel:

• Transparent embryos for developmental biology
• ENU mutagenesis for genetics
• CRISPR technology
• Statistics for blood cancer

• Animal cap experiments for tissue induction
• FATE map of 32-cell embryo
• Dominant-negative constructs

• Excellent genetics with many banked mutants
• Physiology to test organ function
• Tumor xenografts

Non-Human Primate
• Organ physiology similar to humans

Human cells
• Transplantation of tumors and stem cells into mice

We offer the following application systems for hematopoietic disease:

  • • Blood cancer (such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma)
  • • Leukopenia
  • • Red cell diseases
  • • Haemostasis and thrombosis
  • • Diagnostic hematology

Preclinical Animal Studies for Human Hematopoiesis

Models that we offer, but are not limited to the following:

  • • Spontaneous models
  • • Chemically induced models
  • • Viral models
  • • Xenograft models
  • • Genetically engineered models (GEMs) such as transgenic models, knock-in and knock-out models

For modeling the immune response and rational immune approaches in human hematopoiesis, we also provide transgenic and immunodeficiency mice models which have performed useful assay system for the development of novel vaccines and therapeutic agents. Our immunodeficiency mouse models include:

Single gene mutation mice

  • • nude mice strains
  • • severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) strains
  • • nonobese diabetic (NOD) strains
  • • recombination activating gene (RAG) strains with targeted gene deletion

Multiple gene mutation mice with additional defects in innate and adaptive immunity

  • • NOD-scid strains
  • • NOG strains
  • • NSG strains.

Humanized immunodeficiency mice

In addition to board-certified animals with hematopoiesis data, Creative Animodel also sets up a platform for blood testing and preclinical services to better understand advanced therapeutic development.

Our Service Platform:

  • • Animal health monitoring
  • • Clinical pathology services
  • • Cell and gene therapy preclinical services
  • • Pharmaceutical conjoint analysis
  • • Colony Forming Cell (CFC) assay
  • • Specialized platform

Advantages of Creative Animodel

  • • Board-certified animals and reliable testing
  • • Elite scientific team with interpretation expertise
  • • Partner with world-class labs and prestigious companies
  • • Offer exceptional products and services at most competitive prices
* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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