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Pronuclear Microinjection

Pronuclear Injection

Creative Animodel offers high-quality one-stop services for pronuclear microinjection and associated technical support with efficacy guarantee and at competitive prices.

Creative Animodel believes that to provide value added technical support, including Embryo Harvesting/Oviduct Isolation, Tissue/whole mount histology staining, Fixation, Imaging, Paraffin embedding, Cryopreservation, and Sectioning services on top of the pronuclear microinjection technology is at the best interest of both researchers’ efficiency and scientific communication.

Creative Animodel employs microinjection technique for our transgenic mouse production service. We can provide mice of C57/BL6, FVB, CB6F2 and other linage background, as well as rat and rabbit.

Creative Animodel guarantees production of three PCR positive transgenic founder, unless the transgene is embryonically lethal or the linearized construct is of sub-optimal quality. We can perform PCR genotyping either with a universal protocol or a customized schedule provided by the researcher. In case of the customized schedule, a positive control and the primer pair aliquot/sequence need to be provided by the researcher. The foster or the harvested embryos will be shipped after have been stained, genotyped, PFA fixed, photographed, embedded and sectioned per your request after rigorously following your protocol. The entire process will be photographically and textually documented at premium standard and the documentation we provide is at dissemination standard. We can also store the samples in our stock if they are not immediately required to be shipped, as well as save a copy of the generated data in our server at a small surcharge to save you from losing your hard earned data.

Founders will be ear clipped and genotype before weaned and shipped, or in whichever way the client may request. We are also expertised in alternative strategies for fostering, genotyping, and counterstaining as well as fixation optimization should it be of your interest.

With our rich experiences, we are confident to provide you with the first-class services to meet your research needs.

Pronuclear Injection

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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