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Tumor Biomarker Selection & Validation

Researches on targeted therapy especially on PDX models ascendantly focus on biomarker exploration, with which the disease intervention exhibits intimate correlation. Researchers in Creative Animodel have accumulated abundant experience in preclinical discovery with strong biomarker research and validation background. Creative Animodel provides customized biomarker services including biomarker-driven preclinical research design, based on multidisciplinary studies involving clinical medicine, cancer signaling pathways, drug design, pharmacology and toxicology and so on. The whole start-to-finish biomarker assay development and testing services we designed will support the unique needs of your clinical development programs.

Tumor Biomarker Selection & Validation

Why researches on biomarker are of great significance and deserve your dedication? Biomarker development is the basis to realize tumor targeted therapy and further individualized treatment. The establishment of PDX tumor model bank with strong heterogeneity will facilitate the biomarker selection at group level. Creative Animodel provides substantial PDX models for customers on behalf of biomarker selection, which will benefit clinical therapy by determination of the drug-responsive patients as well as accelerate the process of drug discovery.

With deep expertise in this sophisticated field, Creative Animodel has established executive operational protocols for selection and validation of fit-for-purpose biomarkers. Our services include the following categories, but are not limited to:

  • • Biomarker discovery (By high-throughput PD tests on our PDX modes)
  • • Biomarker screening (Bioinformatic analysis show the contrast between positive and negative response)
  • • Molecular pathway analysis (Identification of the biological mechanism and significances of the biomarker using molecular biological technologies)
  • • Extensive preclinical validation including PK/PD modeling and efficacy tests to confirm the five characteristics a biomarker possesses, which are described as sensitivity, specificity, robustness, accuracy as well as reproducibility.

Tumor biomarker selection & validation platform in Creative Animodel provides a full spectrum of integrated solutions for clients conducting biomarker research, which includes assays, instruments, software and services as follows.

• Flow cytometry

With the capability to simultaneously measure multiple parameters on hundreds of individual cells per second, which is essential for in-depth cell analysis, flow cytometry is a powerful technology with a broad range of applications in bioresearch. Experts in Creative Animodel possess extensive experience in flow cytometry, which could well support the developing and validating assays to suit customized requirements involving immune-phenotyping, intra/extracellular markers detection and so on.

• Immunoassays

Creative Animodel offer one of the largest portfolios of biomarker detection system including ELISAs, RIAs, MILLIPLEX®MAP, which are able to perform competitive immunoassays for peptides/small molecules (nucleotides and eicosanoids) or immunometric formats for large protein analytes (therapeutic antibodies, cytokines, cell stress proteins, signaling pathway regulators).

• LC/MS/MS biomarker assays

UPLC/MS/MS system is a highly selective bioanalytical method for the simultaneous quantitation of multiple biomarker peptides or epitope peptides of monoclonal antibodies in serum or plasma with merits of specificity, accuracy and precision required for biomarker quantitation.

• Molecular/genomics

The genomic biomarker analysis services in Creative Animodel are in alliance with other biomarker devices to offer customers a unique, cross-sectional view of their systems which enabling confident pipeline decisions.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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