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Xenograft Models Construction

At Creative Animodel, we offer a broad range of customized tumor xenograft models construction services to assist you in approaching the top level of in vivo studies. Equipped with comprehensive professionals as well as the most competent technologies for animal model construction, Creative Animodel offers customers a spectrum of in vivo technical services including bio-irradiation, tumor implantation and bioluminescence imaging which are considered to be vital procedures in animal experiments execution.

Xenograft Models Construction


Partial or systemic irradiation is essential before orthotopical implantation of solid tumors or intravenous transplantation of hematological malignances due to insufficient immunodeficiency of nude and SCID mice. Creative Animodel could offer customized dose irradiation with assurance of accuracy and quality prior to modeling.

Tumor Implantation

Creative Animodel service platform possesses well-trained technical team with the ability to perform exquisite tumor transplantation experiments to assist customers in animal modeling.

♦ Subcutaneous Tumor Models

Creative Animodel provides customers variety of subcutaneous tumor models including epidermoid carcinoma, melanoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lung cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, gastric carcinoma and leukemia.

♦ Orthotopical Tumor Models

With flawless surgical techniques, Creative Animodel has established dozens of   orthotopic tumor models covering eight common human cancers for researchers to perform efficacy tests. In addition, with the support of luciferase expressing system, orthotopically implanted tumor cells can be easily detected and monitored along with the treatment.

♦ Metastasis Models

Tumor Metastasis, being one of the hall markers of cancer, behaves as the spread of a tumor from its primary site to other parts of the body, which is considered to be a vital signal of tumor deterioration. Hence, profound investigation into tumor metastasis biology is necessary, which requires comprehensive in vivo research platforms. Creative Animodel is currently available for luciferase-labelled tumor metastasis models including lung cancer, liver cancer as well as pancreatic cancer.

♦ Disseminated Models

Therapeutic evaluation on hematological malignances requires distinct preclinical models other than subcutaneous xenografts. Creative Animodel has developed well-established disseminated xenograft models mimicking human hematological disorders. The routine protocols we adopted to construct disseminated models are as follows:

  • ♦ Intravenous injection of the selected human tumor cells
  • ♦ Tumor progression monitoring once a week
  • ♦ Animal randomization when treatment initiation (when tumor cells are examined in the peripheral blood by bioluminescent imaging or FACS)
  • ♦ Therapeutic intervention
  • ♦ Animal body weight, behavior and survival monitoring
  • ♦ Quantification by FACS
  • ♦ Immuno-histopathological analysis

In vivo Bioluminescence Imaging

Bioluminescence imaging system (BLI) in Creative Animodel allows for the noninvasive study of ongoing tumor processes. We have established superbly stable luciferase-labelled cancer cell lines involving hematological malignances such as leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma and solid tumors like colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, melanoma, glioblastoma, renal cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer as well as pancreatic cancer, which are well-examined in our in vivo platform. Please feel free to contact our customer service at your convenience.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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