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Xenograft Models

Creative Animodel is passionate about assisting you in improving the quality as well as efficiency of the in vivo study. A set of stringer criteria to make quality control of xenograft models have been established so as to make sure of the best outcome. From xenograft model selection to the final data output, Creative Animodel will be dedicated to each step of scientific research with our excellent knowledge and strong sense of purpose.

Creative Animodel provides diverse xenograft models covering both the xenograft models of hematological malignances and xenograft models of solid tumors that being research hotspots at present, which includes the following categories, but is not limited to:

Xenograft Models

Cancer cell line-based xenograft model
After dissection from the sufferers, tumor tissues is mechanically sectioned into small pieces and further chemically digested to form a single-cell suspension with unbiased selection which elimination spatially segregate subclones that are otherwise interfere objective disease analysis. Creative Animodel supplies several types of quality certificated immunodeficient mice including nude mice, severely compromised immune deficient (SCID) mice, SCID mice with nonobese diabetic (NOD-SCID) and NOD-SCID mice with IL-2 gamma null (NSG) to assisting customers to get access to exquisite animal models.

Patient-derived tumor xenograft (PDTX) model
The tumor fragments are either be implanted heterotopically or orthotopically to an immunodeficient mouse, which unlike cancer cell line-based xenograft model, there are no intermediate in vitro processing steps before implanting patient tumor fractions into murine hosts in a PDTX model. This modeling pattern can avoid harsh chemical or mechanical injury that may sensitize cells to anoikis and thereby improve the engraftment rate from 60% up to 95%. Services in Creative Animodel are including but not limited to PDTX model creation, technical support of transplantation as well as comprehensive histopathological analysis.

Humanized-xenograft model
In addition to the models mentioned above, Creative Animodel also buttresses the construction of humanized-xenograft model so as to meet the need of increasingly accurate pre-clinical research. Due to the adoption of immunodeficient mice, studies involved in immunotherapies or chemotherapeutic agents that target the immune system are not available to PDTX models. To make a supplement, humanized-xenograft models are created by co-engrafting the patient tumor fragment and peripheral blood or bone marrow cells into NOD-SCID mice. The pattern allows for reconstitution of the murine immune system enabling researchers to study the interactions between tumor environments and xenogenic tumor stroma in cancer progression and metastasis

Xenograft Models Creative Animodel is dedicated to establish the most competitive service platforms for xenograft models to make sure of your research quality at each single step from model selection, model construction, drug efficacy testing to the first-rate study on PDX characterization and biomarker validation, aiming to create effective pre-clinical investigation by reasonable resource utilization as well as exquisite biomedical attainments.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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