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Reproductive Biology and Diseases

Non-human primates have long provided as research models for studying complexities of human reproductive biology. Primates and human share similar histological structure of fallopian and same pregnancy pattern (fertilization and position of embryo into uterus). Some old world monkey species such as rhesus, cynomolgus and Japanese macaques can display menstrual period and menopause like human. Creative Animodel researchers and our clinicians have worked together to provide clients best reproductive NHP models for better understanding of human reproductive disorders.

Endometriosis (EMS) refers to presence of endometrial tissues outside uterus and usually accompany with pelvic pain, menstrual disorder and infertility. Pathogenetic mechanism of EMS remains partly unclear and possible research directions include genetic, environmental toxin and implantation of endometrial fragment via fallopian tube during menstruation. Creative Animodel fully understand EMS pathological and therapeutic researches require effective animal models, in this case primates are first choice for anatomical similarity and displaying menstrual period. Creative Animodel provides both spontaneous and induced EMS models by using old world monkeys. These models have advantage of anatomical similarity to human and high incidences of EMS, especial rhesus, cynomolgus and baboon with 36%, 28.7% and 27% of successful rate respectively. Our induced EMS model is based on Sampson’s hypothesis, and developed by injecting collected autologous menstrual tissue into pelvic cavity under laparoscopy, estimated time for creation of EMS model is 10 months and red lesion can be seen within 3 months. In addition, surgical approaches such as cervical occlusion and transplant of menstrual endometrium tissue are also applicable. Due to effects of inflammation during model development, Creative Animodel strongly recommend using health primate receiving same procedures as control.

Reproductive Biology and Diseases

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
PCOS refers to imbalance of hormone release in female. For PCOS patient, testosterone is abnormally increased in side ovary and excess testosterone leads to excessive body hair, irregular menstrual period and follicle-egg releases, which eventually cause infertility. PCOS affects about 15% woman in this world by decreasing life quality, elevating risks of cancer, cardiac diseases, diabetes and other metabolic syndromes. Creative Anomodel develops female rhesus monkey model by exposing them to testosterone (subcutaneous injection of testosterone). Depended on target phenotypic traits, we provide fetal exposure, early to mid-gestation testosterone treatment and late gestational exposure. Fetal testosterone treated monkey can exhibit almost all reproductive, endocrinological and metabolic disorders, while late gestation model can induce ovarian hyperandrogensim and menstrual abnormalities.

Pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID)
PID is an infection (Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorroheae.) disease caused by bacterial infection in female uterus, fallopian tubes, and other upper reproductive tissues. About 10% of PID infection will result in infertility by growing scarring tissue in reproductive system. Creative Animodel can customize PID model in marmoset, pigtailed monkey and other old world macaques by inoculating cervical washes of human serovar C trachomatis strain originated from PID patients, which is very easy to infect upper and lower reproductive tracts. Technician and clinician in Creative Animodel are able to conduct specimen and histologic analyses after bacterial challenge and drug treatments, they include:

• Visual assessment through Minilaparotomy
• Specimen analysis by cell culture or LCR/PCR assay
• Histological analysis by microscopy and immunocytochemical analysis

Creative Animodel is dedicated to provide top-quality animal disease models and related analytic services for preclinical studies of reproductive disorders, we will be with you on every progress you made.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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