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Pharmacokinetic PK Services & Drug Metabolism

dmpkTranslational Research will be involved in the design and execution of in vivo PK/ADME studies and the evaluation of clinical pharmacokinetic data to support the development of Creative Animodel product candidates.

Creative Animodel conducts typical pharmacokinetic (PK) study which involves administering a fixed amount of the drug (the dose) to the subject (various animals) and at various times post dose, samples of an easily accessible tissue (usually blood/plasma) are drawn and collected for analysis of the drug and its metabolite concentrations.

Duties and responsibilities will include´╝Ü
  • • Evaluating compounds in various formulations, both solution as well as suspension dosing in various species.
  • • Studying correlative aspects between the in vitro and in vivo metabolism of analogs to increase throughput and help lower cost.
  • • Dose escalation studies in rats or dogs with the potential for follow up in the 7- and 28-day tox studies in rats/dogs that would help plan for Phase I and in some cases Phase II clinical trials.
  • • Cassette (n-in-1) PK for early discovery compound screening and decision prioritization
  • • Drug distribution in tissue/organ and body fluid and determination of blood and brain ratio for brain penetration
  • • Metabolic kinetics with active metabolites
  • • PK analysis using WinNonlin

In order to provide a significant enhancement in speed and efficiency it becomes highly beneficial in Creative Animodel to conduct both the in vivo PK quantification and identification of the major metabolites on a single instrument platform. Creative Animodel provides our customers fast turnaround and close management of pharmacokinetics projects. Contact us to learn more.

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* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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