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Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART)

Creative Animodel offers comprehensive developmental and reproductive toxicology(DART)services. We offer program planning and individual study design to conduct safety assessment for pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, food additives, pesticides and/or chemical products. All the study at Creative Animodel are performed according to internationally recognized guidelines, including ICH, OECD and FDA.

At Creative Animodel, we offer a broad range of customized DART services to test the safety of your compound and evaluate its effect on reproductive and developmental functions. Services include the study of male and female fertility, developmental toxicity (embryo-fetal development), pre- and post-natal development and multigenerational studies to assess the potential effects on the entire reproduction spectrum. A full range of rodent, non-rodent and non-human primate species are available for the assessment, furthermore, tests can be performed by using a variety of administration routes ranging from dermal to intravenous infusion. Our teams also have wide experience of sampling methods including milk, amniotic fluid, placenta, fetal tissues. A range of specialized functional evaluation is also available, including neurobehavioral testing and immunologic assays.

Species available
✓ Rodents
   - Mouse
   - Rat
✓ Non-rodents
   - Rabbit
   - Nonhuman primate (cynomolgus)
   - Gottingen minipig

Full range of developmental and reproductive toxicology studies
✓ Fertility and early embryonic development
✓ Embryo-fetal development
✓ Pre- and post-natal development
✓ Enhanced pre- and post-natal development in NHP
✓ Developmental toxicity studies for vaccines
✓ Developmental screening studies
✓ Fertility maternal toxicity
✓ One or two generation studies
✓ Developmental neurotoxicology
✓ Juvenile toxicology

Routes of administration
✓ Gavage (Oral)
✓ Intravenous, including infusion (continuous or intermittent)
✓ Subcutaneous
✓ Intramuscular
✓ Dietary
✓ Inhalation
✓ Intranasal
✓ Dermal
✓ Intraperitoneal
✓ Rectal
✓ Vaginal
✓ Other: specific upon Sponsor request

Our advantage
✓ Saving time and assuring clearly defined responsibilities
✓ Centralized contact for the compilation and interpretation of results
✓ Experienced and skilled multidisciplinary team to advise on the design of your project
✓ Competitive prices with attractive packages
✓ The flexibility and expertise to develop customized models tailored to individual sponsor needs
✓ NHP models are available for developmental and reproductive toxicology testing

Creative Animodel delivers substantial scientific expertise and specialized resources in the developmental and reproductive toxicology testing of all kinds of compounds. the study segments can be performed separately or as a single study in any combination - depending on your specific needs. As your partner, we consult with you on fit-for-purpose study design to keep your DART or NHP DART program on track.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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