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Safety Pharmacology

Safety pharmacology is the study of the potential undesirable pharmacodynamic effects of a substance in relation to dosage within the substance's therapeutic range and above. It provides valuable insight into a drug's adverse effects, preview what may be observed clinically and provide essential information about likely side effects on the major physiological systems of the body. Creative Animodel offers a complete range of GLP-compliant ICH S7A core battery tests to determine the potential undesirable pharmacodynamic effects of a compound.

Our core battery services incorporate tests to detect effects on:
   • Central Nervous System
   • Cardiovascular System
   • Respiratory System

In contrast to the core battery, some organ systems can be transiently disrupted without irreversible harm and are of less concern:

   •Gastrointestinal System
      Gastrointestinal Transit Time
      Gastric Damage
      Gastric Secretion (Pyloric Ligation)
   •Renal System
   •Additional Supplementary Tests
      Abuse Liability Testing
      Analgesic Assessment
      Bleeding Time
      Body Temperature
      Motor-In Coordination (Rotarod)
      Proconvulsant Activity
      Sleeping Time

Creative Animodel consults with you to design animal study protocols balancing timing, cost and risk factors, ensuring appropriate data to support pre-clinical studies as well as the first human administration of new candidate drugs. Our regulatory expertise can also help with preparation of your submission.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.
* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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