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Toxicokinetics Studies

Creative Animodel has years of experience and conducted several kinds of toxicity studies successfully and contributed towards critical decision making in drug discovery of several pharma and biotech companies in USA, Europe and Aisa. We provide customers well designed toxicokinetic study involving several different strategies and depending on the scientific question to be answered.

Typical toxicokinetics studies might include:

  • Safety Pharmacology/Safety Margin
  • • Human Plasma Limits
  • • Systemic Exposure Toxicokinetics
  • • Biological Fluid Concentration
  • • Tissue Analysis

Toxicokinetics Studies Basics

Toxicokinetics studies take advantage of our state-of-the-art LC/MS technology that provides quantitative analysis of chemicals with high sensitivity and selectivity. Test compound concentrations can be detected in fluids (plasma, serum and urine) and tissues depending on the needs of the study. Methods are validated with known test compounds to standardize extraction and detection of low-level chemical compounds in test materials.

Partnering with Creative Animodel allows you to incorporate the industry's best practices into your drug testing program. We have a portfolio of services, with scientific expertise and project management capabilities that ensure the quality of the services and data.

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