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Infusion Toxicology

For pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical compounds that are intended for intravenous administration in humans, infusion studies in one or more toxicologically relevant species is an important part of preclinical safety assessment. Infusing a drug in humans has an advantage in achieving a constant systemic exposure with the aim of producing the desired pharmacological effect, meanwhile it can reduce or eliminate the potential adverse effects. Infusion toxicology studies aims to mimic the proposed clinical administration route and to help establish safety margins in relation to the clinical dosing regimen.

Creative Animodel provides high-quality infusion toxicology services with well-established infusion models. Our infusion toxicology studies are either conducted via implanted indwelling catheters or peripheral vein with surgical implantation of the cannula by our experienced surgical staff. We have been committed in this area for years, with our in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise, we will ensure your testing be done with optimal selection of vehicles, formulation conditions, pH, osmolality, and maximum/minimum dose volumes.


• Customized studies designed to incorporate the most appropriate, advanced infusion technology for your specific research requirements
• Infusion capabilities using ambulatory and tethered models in multiple species
• Extensive experience and expertise in both intermittent and continuous infusion models, utilizing current technologies
• Services follow regulatory guidelines to ensure test reliability, high quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness
• Comprehensive supportive services

Technical Information

• Rodent: mouse, rat • Non-rodent: canine, rabbit, guinea pigs • Non-human primates

Study Duration
• From minutes up to 24 hours/day and for up to 6-month duration

Administration methods
• Infusion pumps (syringe & peristaltic mechanisms)
• Jacket & tether systems as well as specially designed cages
• Exteriorized catheter implantation in femoral vein
• Disposable catheter via peripheral vein
• Vascular Access Port (VAP)
• Multiple channel infusion

Creative Animodel is well versed in the specialty route of administration of infusion with state of the art surgery and delivery equipment. We partner with our clients to deliver tailored, industry leading infusion protocols for a full range of therapeutic classes. A variety of delivery methods ranging from slow bolus techniques to intermittent and continuous dosing is available. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in both the design and conduct of validated infusion studies, utilizing well established animal models and methodologies. If your drug is intended for vascular administration, Creative Animodel will be your best partner.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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