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Musculoskeletal Toxicology

Exposure to drugs and chemicals may have adverse effects to the structure and/or function of the muscles, bones and joints, which may lead to serious health problems such as arthritis, fluorosis and osteomalacia. Creative Animodel provides a comprehensive pre-clinical service for assessment the musculoskeletal toxicity of drugs and devices. The integrated service is performed by a team of experienced scientists, pathologists, veterinarians and surgeons in the field of musculoskeletal research. With extensive expertise in this filed, we can provide you the safety and efficacy information of your interested drugs and devices that have an intentional or unintentional effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Our integrated service allows the comprehensive assessment of bone and cartilage drug efficacy, musculoskeletal tissue healing and biocompatibility, orthopedic device efficacy and the effects of new orthobiologic applications.

We offer the following models:
• Gonadectomy (ovariectomy and orchiectomy)-induced bone loss for osteoporosis drug testing
• TPTx (thyroparathyroidectomy) model
• 5/6 nephrectomy model
• Schenk model in weanling rats (screen for anti-resorptive agents)
• Bone defect models
• Osteoarthritis models
• Rheumatoid arthritis models
• Orthopedic models

Support services:
• Radiographic diagnostics (X-ray)
• Imaging using bone densitometry techniques
• Biochemical markers of bone and cartilage turnover
• Biomechanical strength testing
• Histomorphometry and histology
• Micro-CT scanning

• Extensive knowledge and experience in assessment of musculoskeletal toxicity
• Personalized program design to meet your specific needs
• Comprehensive supportive services
• Computerized environmental control and monitoring system

Creative Animodel offers bone and muscle toxicology studies that focus on the safety and efficacy of musculoskeletal pharmaceuticals and devices. A series of GLP and non-GLP musculoskeletal toxicology testing assays are available, additionally, we also have various animal models to allow comprehensive evaluation of the therapeutic and adverse effects on bone, cartilage and skeletal muscle tissues that in the musculoskeletal.

* For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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