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Cell-Based Screening and Profiling

Creative Animodel, as a preclinical contract research organization (CRO), has spent decades of efforts on cell-based screening and profiling services for our worldwide clients to help accelerate drug discovery program. Our services provide excellent tools to quickly identify potential therapeutics, evaluate lead compounds and narrow down a large pool of candidates.

What Is Cell-Based Screening and Profiling?

Cell-based screening assays play an important role in drug discovery as we move into the molecular-targeting era. Unlike target-based assays, this cell-based assay is not a mechanistic screen, but is to determine the mechanism of action of selective toxic agents from this screen and may identify new molecular targets for subsequent target-based screening. Furthermore, cell-based assays are also used to confirm the activity of agents discovered in target-based screening assays and to assess the drug's pharmacologic effects at the cellular level. Unexpected effects in cellular systems may suggest other targets for the agent or interactions of the primary molecular target with other vital proteins within the cell.

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Traditionally, "lead compounds" directly are moved to extensive animal studies, which is both time-consuming and costly. Moreover, extensive drug testing on animals is becoming less and less culturally acceptable in Europe and the United States. Before testing the efficacy of a "partially qualified" drug candidate on animals, the drug is suggested first to screen for its biological activity and potential toxicity with living cells, which can reduce the number of animals required in subsequent drug screening processes.

Services at Creative Animodel

Creative Animodel’s cell-based screening and profiling services provide you flexible and convenient user experience so that our technology and expertise can help drive your drug discovery programs perfectly. Our high-quality cell-based screening and profiling services include:
• Lead Discovery & Validation
Creative Animodel offers rapid and dependable biochemical and cell-based screening of small molecules, peptides, and antibodies against requested targets. Screening scientific categories of lead compounds discovery & validation include metabolic enzyme, kinase, acetyltransferase, ion channel, GPCR, nuclear receptor, transporter, cell surface receptor,etc.
• Cell-Targeted Drug Delivery
Targeted drug delivery to a specific cell population invariably results in differential exposure to therapeutic agents at the cellular level. Our ultimate goal is to deliver chemotherapeutic agents with higher concentrations to target cells where they are cleared at a slower rate while reducing the concentrations encountered by other organs compared to the standard delivery methods.

Creative Animodel collaborates with clients and provides study design guidance resulting in the delivery of the timely and reliable report. Our high-quality services can help accelerate your projects of drug discovery and development. Creative Animodel will be your best and most reliable partner. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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