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Cell Viability & Proliferation Assays

Creative Animodel, as a preclinical contract research organization (CRO), has spent decades of efforts on cell-based services. We have both the scientific expertise and infrastructure to meet different needs of our worldwide clients. Our preclinical cell viability and cell proliferation assays are available to evaluate the potential toxicities and risks of drug candidates.

What Is Cell Viability & Cell Proliferation?

As cost-effective and accessible models to mimic in vivo responses, cell-based assays are often used for screening collections of compounds to determine if the test molecules have effects on cell proliferation or show direct cytotoxic effects that eventually lead to cell death. Cell-based assays are also widely used for measuring receptor binding and a variety of signal transduction events that may involve the expression of genetic reporters, trafficking of cellular components, or monitoring organelle function.

Cell viability, cell proliferation and many live-cell functions which include apoptosis, cell adhesion, secretion, chemotaxis, endocytosis, multidrug resistance and signal transduction, can be stimulated or monitored with a series of chemical and biological reagents. With experienced staff and professional platforms, we provide cell viability and cell proliferation assays to help clients to accelerate the process of drug discovery and development.

Available Assays at Creative Animodel

Cell viability assays
Cell viability assays are used to assess how healthy the cells are by measuring markers of cellular activity. Cell viability determines how well or how poorly cells will respond to stress stimuli.
Cell proliferation assays
Cell proliferation assays are used to monitor the growth rate of a cell population or to detect daughter cells in a growing population. A wide selection of validated assays can measure cell proliferation by techniques including metabolic activity, tracking DNA content and new DNA synthesis.
Cell apoptosis assays
Cell apoptosis assays can be used to examine how pharmacological compounds kill cells; or why some cells/tissues do not respond to toxic compounds. Apoptosis assays determine how cells are dying by measuring markers that are activated upon cell death.
Cell invasion & migration assays
Creative Animodel’s cell migration and invasion assays provide a quick and efficient system for the quantitative determination of various factors on cell adhesion, invasion and migration, including screening of pharmacological agents, evaluation of integrins, chemoattractant or other adhesion receptors.
Angiogenesis assays
Angiogenesis is essential for tumor development and metastasis. Inhibition of angiogenesis is one of the main therapeutic targets in cancer drug discovery. Creative Animodel provides a powerful and quantitative platform for live cell monitoring of changes in tubule formation with unprecedented optical resolution.
Cytotoxicity assays
Cytotoxicity assays are used to determine the number of dead and live cells in a population after treatment with a pharmacological substance. Cytotoxicity can be monitored using assays that measure changes in viability, mitochondrial function, proliferation, DNA damage, phospholipidosis/steatosis and cell cycle.

Creative Animodel has a team with experienced experts to provide cell viability, proliferation & function assays. Our high-quality services can help accelerate your projects of drug discovery and development. If you have any needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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