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Custom Cells Services

Creative Animodel is an integrated place to promote the boundaries of medicine and pharma which provides the most comprehensive preclinical research services for scholars, students, and researchers. Drawing on our rich experience and knowledge, we offer unique cell services to meet special needs in the process of new drug discovery and development.


Cell assays are universal methods for biological analysis, however, not all special test needs can be realized on normal cell lines. A better solution is the custom cell service based on advanced, novel and better custom cell lines, which will support our clients and partners can get more benefits from a wealth of relevant results. More than one decade, we have successfully cooperated with international pharma companies, biotechs, and academic institutions. Furthermore, we have established custom services to expand your research options, including:
• Generation of Target-Specific Cell Models
• Reporter Cell Lines Preparation
• Cell Line Selection for Target Validation
• siRNA Transient Gene Knockdown
• shRNA-Mediated Gene Knockdown
• Stable Cell Line Generation with Lentivirus
In addition to the services above, you can also contact us to offer the details of your projects so that we will design the whole solution for you.

Creative Animodel is glad to provide our clients with a customized service. One of our goals is to conduct services which can match unique requirements and be cost effective by investigating and introducing new techniques, adapting to current scientific trends, and delivering services that meet unique needs. Once you have a new idea for your project, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you a preview of turnaround time and overall cost. So contact us today and get your project started.

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