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Functional & Cell Type Specific Assays

Creative Animodel offers a broad range of functional assays to evaluate different cell types to advance your drug discovery project. Our expert team, with years of pharmaceutical drug development expertise, ensures you a robust and on-time reporting to meet your strict drug-development regulations and timelines.

As a part of functional assays, characterizing drug resistance at an early stage can reduce the failure rate of clinical trials in a cost-efficient and time-effective way. Furthermore, it is important to perform the initial screening of test compounds by determining their effects on specific cell types. The cell type to be employed for such a screening will depend on the specific biological end-point. The common cell-type-specific assays include cellular motility and wound healing assay for fibroblasts, blood vessel formation by endothelial cells, induction of differentiation for stem cells and keratinocytes, osteocalcin and mineralized matrix formation by osteoblasts, and so on.


Functional Assays at Creative Animodel

Characterization of drug resistance is our featured functional assay. We not merely provide commercially available drug-resistant cell lines but also develop more relevant multidrug resistance (MDR) models based on your cell line and compound. We can perform both 2D viability assay and MDR marker expression assay to meet the needs of your specific project.

Cell Type Specific Assays at Creative Animodel

We provide several high-quality cell function assays to measure the effects of drugs on the specific activities of different adipose, osteoclasts, and bronchial epithelial cell types. Both primary and related cell lines are available. Our automated methods provide a convenient, fast and effective solution in a high-throughout manner.

Creative Animodel is a specialized provider of contract services to the biopharmaceutical industry. We help you evaluate the product safety and meet your regulatory requirements. If you have any specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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