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In Vivo Angiogenesis

Creative Animodel, as a professional pharmaceutical R&D services provider, offers the complete range of preclinical laboratory services for novel drug screening. Our services in the field of angiogenesis include the expert in vitro experiments and high-quality in vivo researches. Our diverse and custom services will satisfy your special needs for your research.

Why In Vivo Angiogenesis Detection Is Necessary?

Vascular leakage is the main reason for bad drug delivery to target tissue in many diseases. Therapeutics can't effectively arrive the focus, which results in low utilization of drug and even causes total body side effects. Thus, integrality of vessels can be a therapeutical target in many diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, psoriasis and tumor growth and metastases. In addition to being a direction of new drug development, angiogenesis detection is also an important aspect of new drug toxicity evaluation. If the novel candidates have a strong influence on the new vessels, its effectiveness and safety should be open to debate. Because complex interactions among multiple cell types, the extracellular matrix, as well as hemodynamic and hemodynamic factors, can be hardly duplicated in vitro, there is greater emphasis on results from intact animals.

To sum up, in vivo angiogenesis detection should be used for candidates screening to predict which are unpromising, saving investment and time.

In Vivo Angiogenesis Detections at Creative Animodel

Exclusive use of in vitro evaluation cannot fully reflect the overall characteristics. At Creative Animodel, the following in vivo assays are included but not limited:

• Chick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay
The CAM assay is probably the most widely used in vivo assay for studying angiogenesis. The test substance is prepared either in slow-release polymer pellets, absorbed by gelatin sponges, or air-dried onto plastic discs; these are then implanted onto the CAM through a window cut carefully in the eggshell. The angiogenic effects can be measured by counting the number of blood vessels in a given area using a stereomicroscope.

• Corneal angiogenesis assay in rabbits and murine
In this method, a ‘pocket’ is created in the corneal stroma of an experimental animal and then implant a slow-release pellet or polymer containing the angiogenic substance. The vascular response can be quantified by computer image analysis following perfusion of the cornea with India ink. This method is also reliable, but it's more expensive and technically demanding compared to CAM.

• Rabbit ear chamber assay
The rabbit ear chamber allows for the continuous measurement of various parameters in living animals, including gene expression, angiogenesis, pH and blood flow, and hence aid the study of the effect of tissue microenvironment on angiogenesis.

• Tumor angiogenesis models
Using tumour models to study tumour angiogenesis allows the study of the uptake and distribution of a drug candidate, as well as its efficacy in the same experiment. Furthermore, it is also possible to use such models to determine whether a new drug is anti-angiogenic or anti-vascular in action.

Creative Animodel has the ability to guarantee our clients can get high-quality results with lower cost and less time. Please contact us for further support in the development of your drug. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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