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Acute Toxicity Tests

Creative Animodel offers acute toxicity tests for your drug safety evaluation. Our scientists, including toxicologists, pathologists, veterinary surgeons and regulatory specialists, have designed and performed numerous drug safety evaluation. With considerable experience in drug safety evaluation, Creative Animodel provides high-quality data and rapid turnaround period to support your drug discovery and development.


Acute toxicity, an important part of drug safety evaluation, describes the adverse effects of a pharmaceutical when it is administered in one or more doses during a short period time (less than 24 hours). To be described as acute toxicity, the adverse effects should occur within 14 days of the administration of the substance. Acute toxicity tests in animals are usually necessary for any pharmaceutical intended for human use. They provide information about possible dose levels for first applications to humans and indications as to the possible effects with over-dosing (accidental or intentional). The information obtained from these studies are crucial for choosing doses for repeat-dose studies, the evaluation of toxicological mechanism, the selection of starting doses for Phase 1 human studies, as well as providing information relevant to acute overdosing in humans.

Acute Toxicity Tests at Creative Animodel

Creative Animodel specializes in performing acute toxicity tests in both rodents and non-rodents with various administration routes available, such as intravenous, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, ocular and oral. All abnormalities (including behavioral and clinical abnormalities or any other toxic effects as required by the client) caused by the investigational product during the experimental period are recorded. Morphological, biochemical, pathological, and histological changes in the dead animals are investigated. The toxicological evaluation from study design, daily observation to histology and pathology testing along with toxicokinetics studies are all compliant with GLP or NON-GLP standards. Creative Animodel provides a comprehensive range of services for acute toxicity tests to support your pre-clinical studies:
• Acute Dermal Toxicity
• Acute Oral Toxicity
• Acute Inhalation Toxicity
• Dermal Irritation/Corrosion
• Eye Irritation
• Skin Sensitization
• Vaginal Irritation Studies
• Local Lymph Node Assay
• Dermal and Eye Sensitization
• Acute Pre-neonatal and Neonatal Test.

Over decades of experience in drug safety evaluation, Creative Animodel has been an industry leader in the conduct of acute toxicity tests using various routes of administrations in different species. Our experienced scientists have a deep understanding of drug toxicity and can determine potential risk factors early in drug development process. Our customized services enable our clients to quickly meet their product development goals and timelines with a cost-conscious manner.

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