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Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Permeability Assay

Creative Animodel is a leading biotech company specialized in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. We provide blood-brain barrier (BBB) permeability assay to evaluate drug absorption and distribution in brains. Various BBB models, coupled with automation facilities in Creative Animodel, can help accelerate your pharmaceutical development.

What Is BBB?

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a selective semipermeable membrane that separates the brain from the circulating blood. The BBB is formed by brain endothelial cells which restrict the diffusion of microorganism and hydrophilic molecules into the cerebrospinal fluid, while allowing the diffusion of hydrophobic molecules. The BBB allows the passage of water, lipid-soluble molecules, and some gases by passive diffusion, as well as the selective transport of molecules such as amino acids and glucose that are crucial to central nervous system (CNS). Furthermore, an active transport mechanism mediated by P-glycoprotein prevents the entry of lipophilic potential neurotoxins.

Figure 1. Cross-section of a brain capillary

Why Choose BBB Permeability Assay?

A major problem to overcome in drug design is the ability of the compound in question to cross the BBB. Neuroactive drugs are required to cross the BBB to function. Conversely, drugs that target other parts of the body ideally should not cross the BBB to avoid possible psychotropic side effects. Thus, the task of predicting the BBB permeability of new compounds is of great importance.

Featured BBB Permeability Assay from Creative Animodel
• Creative Animodel has test systems established by artificial membranes, such as immobilized artificial membrane—high-performance liquid chromatography (IAM-HPLC), bilayer lipid membrane, and parallel artificial membrane permeability assay (PAMPA).
• Cell culture models are also provided which contain isolated brain microvessels and primary cerebrovascular endothelial cell (BCEC) culture.
• In addition, we provide in vivo techniques, such as rapid intracarotid injection techniques, brain sampling techniques after intravenous injection, in situ rat brain perfusion techniques to assess BBB permeability.
• We adopt two gold-standard experimental measures of BBB permeability—logPS (permeability surface-area product) and logBB (the concentration of drug in the brain divided by concentration in the blood).
• With continual improvements in molecular simulations and increases in computer power, in silico methods are provided by Creative Animodel as viable alternatives.
• Creative Animodel chooses the most appropriate methods and standards to help you save money and improve the efficiency of drug discovery.

Creative Animodel has experienced experts in the field of drug evaluation. We are dedicated to serving customers with high-efficiency assays and high quality data. Creative Animodel also offers customized services to help you achieve a trouble-free drug developing experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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