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Blood Partitioning Assay

Creative Animodel provides sets of ADME analysis for our global clients, including metabolism, permeability, metabolic stability and protein binding. In the aspect of protein binding, blood partitioning assay is offered to meet your project needs, which helps investigate the new drugs’ distribution between red blood cells and plasma. Blood sample extracted from diverse species, high technology platforms we provide and in-house expertized scientists all will ensure your items to proceed smoothly.

The Significance of Blood Partitioning

Blood partitioning is the ratio between red blood cells and plasma, which reflects the distribution of drugs in the blood.
• An interesting pharmacokinetic attribute of certain drugs is their extensive binding to red blood cells, which typically results in blood to plasma partitioning ratios >1. The phenomenon of preferential distribution into red blood cells is due to their affinity for carbonic anhydrase (CA) isozymes, which are present within the erythrocyte and may act as a site for sequestration of drugs. For this condition, using plasma data for pharmacokinetics prediction may be misleading.
• Due to concentrations of a drug differ between plasma and red blood cells, blood partitioning distribution of compounds is essential for analysis of the concentrations of compound in circulation. The knowledge of such partitioning can help to understand the compound’s pharmacokinetic behavior.
• Compared to plasma, drugs combining with erythrocytes may have more significant effects on compounds distribution. The blood partitioning determines the accumulation of compound in red blood cells which may reduce the available amount of compound and cause the decline of pharmacological effect.

Assay Method

• Incubation of Drugs in Whole Blood and Control Plasma
The test drug is spiked in fresh whole blood and control plasma. Routinely after incubation at 37 °C for 1 hour, all samples are centrifuged. Then all samples are treated with ice-cold acetonitrile containing internal standards and analyzed by LC-MS/MS.


Figure 1. Measurement of drugs in whole blood and control plasma.

• Calculation of the Whole Blood to Plasma Ratio The blood/plasma ratio is determined using the hematocrit value. With enough data, and running enough statistical tests, it is enough to believe the result true.

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