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Buccal Permeability Assay

Creative Animodel is a global company specialized in offering in vitro cell models to assess the drug permeability of buccal administration route. Our outstanding scientists in this industry provide the most professional guidance for buccal permeability assay. Our consistent and high-quality services have facilitated our customers’ drug development process.

Among the several existing routes for drug administration, the buccal route is a preferred one. Compared to the oral route, the buccal route overcomes problems such as the hepatic first-pass metabolism, thereby requiring lower doses, which can possibly reduce side effects. And it also has the advantage of direct absorption of drugs by the reticulated vein, reaching the systemic circulation much faster than with oral administration. Owing to these beneficial properties, the use and popularity of the buccal route for drug delivery have increased significantly. To develop active drugs with optimized formulations for buccal administration, prediction of the absorption profile of the drug across buccal mucosa, as well as its transport mechanism, is of great importance in drug development. Thus, Creative Animodel have developed several reliable cell models to help our customers to evaluate the buccal permeability of different compounds.


Fig. 1 Illustration of the site of drug application to buccal mucosa.

Buccal Permeability Assay at Creative Animodel

The TR146 cell line is an ideal model for high-throughput and efficient study of permeability and absorption due to their similar features to human buccal epithelium. After years of research, we proudly offer our customers a TR146 cell model that closely mimics the buccal mucosal. With our specially prepared cell culture inserts and optimized in vitro cell culture technology, a reliable and reproducible TR146 cell model is provided for the permeability evaluation of different compounds. The permeability study is performed with horizontal mechanical stirring. The samples are collected at desired time interval, then they can be analyzed to quantify the compound concentration. In addition, Buccal mucosal model that is derived from human oral keratinocyte is also available. Human oral keratinocyte can be used to study the influence of permeation enhancer for oromucosal delivery, and it is also a good model for antimicrobial barrier evaluation of buccal mucosal.

• Reliable and reproducible cell models
• High-throughput compound profiling
• Rapid turnaround time

Creative Animodel is a professional supplier of buccal permeability assay for different compounds. We are dedicated to providing buccal permeability assay for years. Furthermore, our experienced scientists have extensive problem-solving skills in these cell models and offer you an accurate technical support for your buccal permeability assay. As your reliable partner, we work to develop the most efficient and accurate methods, removing barriers and accelerating your development timeline. If you want to know more details about our cell models, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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