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Cassette Dosing for PK Screening

Creative Animodel, as a leading biological commercial company, offers expert services for our clients including new drug screening assays in vivo or in vitro. One of our mission is to provide high-quality data to our partners in the research of pharmacokinetics. In order to improve the screening speed of candidates, we have delivered cassette doing for PK screening service. And our staff will work with you to fit your research needs.

What Is Cassette Dosing?

Cassette dosing (CD, also called ‘N-in-one’ dosing) is a procedure that is used for rapidly assessing the pharmacokinetics of a series of discovery drug candidates. It uses a mixture of compounds rather than a single compound and exploits the capability of modern mass spectrometers to measure simultaneously the individual concentrations of chemical compounds in a plasma sample that contains multiple drugs to screen all candidates' character of PK. It should be emphasized that cassette dosing is not intended to accurately define pharmacokinetic parameters for each compound in a given mixture; rather, it is regarded as a screening tool to rapidly rank order compounds, eliminate those that exhibit poor pharmacokinetic properties, and identify those that should be prioritized for further evaluation (including subsequent discrete compound dosing, pharmacokinetic analysis, pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamics studies, or efficacy determination). A very important aspect of cassette dosing is that rapid feedback is provided to medicinal chemists, thus guiding future synthetic efforts to optimize ADME properties alongside other key features, such as potency and selectivity.


Figure 1. Conventional dosing versus cassette dosing in the pharmacokinetic screening of five compounds. (Manitpisitkul P et al, 2004)

What Are the Advantages of Cassette Dosing for PK Screening?

Cassette dosing uses much fewer experimental animals than the conventional single compound administration, particularly comparing with direct evaluation of all in vitro active compounds in animal tumor models. This is meaningful from an ethical point of view because animal welfare guidelines call for a reduction in animal usage where possible. The amount of compound required is also reduced, which is important in the early stages of a discovery project when compound supply is limited, on the other hand, it will be better for medicinal chemists to spend more time designing and synthesizing new compounds rather than remaking larger amounts of known and potentially unpromising analogues. In addition, fewer samples are generated can guarantee the time spent for animal handling, sample preparation, and sample analysis will be minimized, which can accordingly increase efficiency and throughput.

Creative Animodel is devoted to providing the best DMPK services to accelerate the achievement of your research goals. Our one-stop service range from new drug discovery to candidates screening. In addition, customized service has been provided to meet your special requirements. Excellent quality management and quality assurance capacity being highly praised by customers. There is no doubt that Creative Animodel will be your best partner to support your research. We look forward to cooperating with you.

Manitpisitkul P.; et al. Whatever happened to cassette-dosing pharmacokinetics? Drug Discovery Today, 2004, 9(15):652-8.

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