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Cerebral Open Flow Microperfusion Service

Creative Animodel is a leading biotech company specializing in offering set of services for central nervous system (CNS) drugs. Our scientists have a deep pharmacological knowledge and extensive experience in experimental operation and data processing. We guarantee our customers the high-quality studies from the early drug discovery to the new drug declaration.


The blood–brain barrier (BBB) is a complex cellular network consisting of brain endothelial cells lining the cerebral microvasculature which form a continuous cellular barrier between the CNS and the bloodstream. The BBB restricts substance exchange between the blood and brain tissue, thereby protecting the brain from harmful substances in the blood, but also hindering potential neuroactive agents from entering the brain. Besides, the complex pharmacokinetic pathways make the development of CNS drugs slow and expensive. To solve this situation, new measurement systems that allow the assessment of substance transport across brain tissue are needed. cOFM is a universal tool for neurological and pharmaceutical research and a valuable feedback system for the development of drugs targeting the CNS.

What Is Cerebral Open Flow Microperfusion?

Cerebral open flow microperfusion (cOFM) is a development of open flow microperfusion (OFM) that is based on the combination of a probe with macroscopic openings and a push-pull pump. The probe has a concentric design that allows an implantation with minimal trauma and an exact navigation to address different brain regions. cOFM is an in vivo method for unfiltered sampling of the interstitial fluid (ISF) in brain tissue consecutively, which provides a complete representation of ISF. And it is an alternative membrane-free sampling technique that can be used for high molecular weight substances and lipophilic substances without membrane occlusion. Besides, it allows introduction of the sampling unit into the same animals, which avoids repeated trauma to the brain and reduces inter-individual data variation. cOFM allows us to take a look behind the BBB and assess concentrations and effects of neuroactive substances directly in the targeted brain tissue.


Figure 1. The work principle of cOFM (Birngruber T. et al, 2013): (a) Schematic drawing of the cOFM probe with inserted healing dummy and during sampling with inserted inflow/outflow tubing (sampling unit). (b) The cOFM fluidic pathway: (1) Pump 1 pushes perfusate through the cOFM probe (2) which is implanted in the brain (3) At the tip of the probe (4) substance are exchanged between brain ISF and perfusate. The cOFM sample is withdrawn by pump2 (5) and collected in direct contact with brain tissue (6)

Cerebral Open Flow Microperfusion Service

The combination of substance sampling with cOFM and parallel monitoring of BBB permeability has the potential to provide powerful insights into the interaction of pharmaceuticals with the BBB. Our cerebral open flow microperfusion service can help you investigate the actions of drugs, nanoparticles and various delivery systems at the brain tissue in vivo. Our customized service can meet your unique requirements in all the research of CNS investigation ranging from preclinical and clinical PK/PD studies of CNS drugs to mechanistic studies of CNS disease. The cerebral open flow microperfusion service we provided includes but is not limited to:
• CSF and ISF sampling
• Monitoring the intactness and function of BBB
• Continuous monitoring of BBB permeability
• Monitoring of neuroinflammation
• Continuous monitoring of PK/PD in intact brain tissue.

Creative Animodel has a long history of aiding in neurological pharmaceutical industry. We provide comprehensive solutions for the entire process from initial experimental design to final data analysis. Our rich experience and advanced platforms could guarantee our customers the cost-effective and high-quality services.

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