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In Vitro ADME

Creative Animodel has focused on building efficient systems and procedures to meet the needs and timelines of clients working in the drug discovery environment. Creative Animodel offers in vitro ADME services including expert study designs, in vitro ADME assays and data interpretation which allow you to characterize your drug candidate's ADME properties and its potential for drug interactions. Our ADME services will help implement your pre-clinical drug discovery projects and enhance your organization’s ability to make sound decisions towards key milestones.


Assessments of the pharmacological properties of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion (ADME) of candidate chemical leads are critical to their initial selection, and essential to establish benchmarks for compounds synthesized during lead optimization to be evaluated. Prior to actual dosing in animals, a number of relatively rapid and cost-effective in vitro assays can serve as surrogates and indicators of the ADME fate of compounds in vivo. Improvements in ADME properties of compounds translate to their improved PK properties. Simply stated, if a compound is rapidly absorbed, well distributed, minimally metabolically degraded and not rapidly eliminated, while not being toxic, then it more likely will rapidly achieve peak levels in the blood, maintain the desired levels (n-fold above the IC50) for a longer duration, before falling to low trough levels, and ultimately being cleared by the body.

Creative Animodel has extensive experience in assay development and validation. Our specialists have validated critical early stage ADME screening assays against literature data. In combination with our sophisticated lab instruments and streamlined process, we can provide for your in vitro ADME needs in a cost-efficient and timely manner. We offer in vitro assay services with a range of study design levels and each assay can be offered as an early screening (single time point or concentration) or a more definitive (IC50 or T1/2) study to estimate PK/ADME characteristics.

Our ADME Capabilities Include:

Our Advantages

Our facility has passed assessments from a range of different organizations and companies in a variety of industries, including government agencies. Attention to good quality customer care, Creative Animodel, with highly trained principal scientists, enables us to contribute to the reliability & repeatability of your results and guarantee of high-level research. Delivery of data for core in vitro ADME screening and physicochemical assays is within 10 working days to fit in with the make-test timelines in drug discovery. Our ADME services maintain and comply with regulatory guidelines providing constant confidence in the data. And you could be assured of timely communications and close tracking of the progress of your study.

Creative Animodel has scientific expertise to help you design the best strategies and protocols customized to meet any drug discovery need. If you can not see the information you want, please contact us to learn how we can help you with your projects.


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