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In Vivo ADME

Creative Animodel is a contract development and manufacturing organization dedicated to bringing clients’ compounds from discovery to the market. Our unique combination of preclinical and clinical services provides the tools to address the scientific challenges encountered during any stage of drug development. With a team of experienced scientists, Creative Animodel provides a broad range of in vivo ADME services to meet our clients’needs.


Preclinical in vivo ADME studies are designed to investigate the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of a given drug to support drug discovery, lead candidate selection, preclinical tests and clinical programs. During preclinical development, in vivo ADME studies can also help support the choice of an animal species and the dosing regimen (amount and dose frequency) and can facilitate interpretation of findings in toxicology studies. Besides, understanding the ADME behaviors of a given drug is also helpful in developing dose escalation strategies in clinical trials. An accurate description of in vivo ADME is vital to obtain appropriate conclusions regarding drug behavior and utility.

In Vivo ADME Services at Creative Animodel

With extensive experience in assays development and validation, Creative Animodel offers a full suite of preclinical in vivo ADME studies including validation of bioanalytical methods, vehicle finding and stability testing, plasma/serum analysis, urine and feces collection in metabolic cages, tissue homogenate analysis, quantitative bioanalytics (DMPK) and bioavailability as well as the pharmacokinetics calculations. Exploratory PK with bioanalysis can be implemented simultaneously and completed rapidly in many cases. For GLP compliant toxicokinetics studies, we provide the technical and regulatory expertise to ensure validation protocols, validation reports and analytical standard operating procedures (SOPs). Many compounds can be rapidly screened using our rapid pharmacokinetics approaches, followed by preclinical ADME and clinical pharmacokinetics for a complete ADME data package to support global regulatory submissions. Our in Vivo ADME services include:

Creative Animodel ensures the highest level of quality standards and adheres to current regulatory requirements. Our skilled staffs have a good knowledge of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion to partner with clients to develop and deliver a broad range of in vivo ADME studies to meet your needs during drug discovery and development. If you have any additional requirements or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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