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Metabolic Stability

Creative Animodel provides a wide variety of in vitro systems for metabolic stability studies to help our clients to optimize the bioavailability and duration of drug action of therapeutic candidates thereby increasing their success rate.

Drug metabolism, the enzymatic modification, is a predominant elimination mechanism for most compounds. Metabolic stability refers to the susceptibility of compounds to biotransformation, affecting oral bioavailability and plasma half-life of the compounds. Metabolic stability is a crucial property for both drug administration regiment design as well as toxicity. Notably, it is reported that more than 10% of drug withdrawals from clinical trials result from pharmacokinetic reasons.

Identifying metabolic properties at the early phage is predictive of the human situation, which is very important to specify dose and frequency of administration, and to reduce the possibility of late-stage failure. Metabolic stability assays at Creative Animodel provide a broad range of biological systems to determine the pharmacokinetic parameters of a candidate compound, including intrinsic clearance and half-life.

Metabolic Stability Services:

Plasma Stability Assay
Plasma stability affects the efficacy of agents. Plasma stability assay, therefore, is important for the screening and evaluation of prodrugs and active compounds, further prioritizing compounds for in vivo studies.
Hepatocytes Metabolic Stability Assay
The liver is regarded as the predominant site of drug metabolism among a variety of tissues. Hepatocytes-based assay is fast and cost effective to determine intrinsic clearance of compounds.
Microsomes Metabolic Stability Assay
Given that liver microsomes contain membrane-bound metabolic enzymes, microsomal stability assay turns to an important in vitro system to determine the intrinsic clearance of drug candidates.
S9 Metabolic Stability Assay
S9 fraction is highly enriched in both Phase I and Phase II enzymes, and is an experimental in vitro system frequently used for understanding metabolic parameters of xenobiotics.
GI Fluid Stability Assay
GI fluid stability assays assess the degradation of tested agents in simulated or natural gastrointestinal fluids.
pH Stability Assay
pH stability assay measures the chemical stability of therapeutic candidates in a wide range of buffers at any pH.
Metabolic Stability Consulting
As the discovery project can be quite different for individual drugs, Creative Animodel devotes to helping our customers to plan and execute the metabolic stability studies that meet your needs.

Creative Animodel provides unparalleled platforms and engages rich-experienced researchers to guarantee metabolic stability studies that add the most scientific value to your drug discovery project.

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