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Metabolism Pathway Analysis

Creative Animodel is a global company specialized in providing custom metabolism pathway analysis services. We are capable of adjusting the analysis methods according to the detailed requirements of your needs.

What Is Metabolism Pathway?

Metabolites are the products of the biological reactions within the cells of the organism. They can be used to build tissues and provide the energy for our body to sustain life. Metabolites are usually restricted to small molecule compounds, which are further divided into primary metabolites and secondary metabolites.

Metabolism is the major elimination pathway of a drug from the body. Drug metabolizing enzymes (DMEs) are mainly present in the liver, intestine, and blood and are responsible for converting lipophilic drugs to more hydrophilic compounds to facilitate their excretion from the body. DMEs are classified as either Phase I or Phase II enzymes. Phase I DMEs are responsible for oxidation, reduction, and hydrolysis, and Phase II DME are responsible for conjugation (not necessarily sequential). For an orally administered drug to enter the systemic circulation, the drug must be absorbed through the intestinal wall, enter the portal vein, pass through the liver, and enter the systemic circulation. As depicted in Fig 1 metabolism can occur during passage through the intestinal wall and liver. Metabolism by the intestine and liver prior to reaching the systemic circulation is referred to as first-pass metabolism.


Fig 1. Movement and barriers of orally dosed drug from intestinal lumen into the systemic circulation

We provide metabolism pathway analysis services, which are applied to drug metabolism pathway exploration of biological significance, and leading the follow-up in-depth development and pharmaceutical R&D targets.

Our Metabolism Pathway Analysis Services

Metabolite Generation
Simulate mammalian primary metabolites, secondary metabolites and definite metabolites provide quantitative criteria for subsequent DMPK, TOX, and ADME analyses.

Metabolite Synthesis
Synthetic metabolism is the process of synthesizing macromolecules (such as proteins and nucleic acids) from small precursors or component molecules like amino acids and nucleotides.

Isotopic Labeling / Radiolabeled Tracers
Isotopes can be used to track the movement and diversification. Isotope labeling methods and tracer element we provided can be used to track the material operation and transformation, and subsequently to investigate the drug metabolism process.

Non-Isotopic Labeling
Non-Isotopic Labeling is operated by Southern blot with digoxin-labeled probe, and then, comparing NBT/BCIP staining and DNA standard molecular weight, finally determining telomere length with image analysis system. Non-Isotopic Labeling is unrestricted to time, laboratory environment and other constraints, and it is currently widely used in the field of biology.

Label Free Methods
The relative content of a biological component is analyzed by mass spectrometry without isotopic labeling or other stable compounds.

Creative Animodel focuses on the field of metabolism for many years. We provide a range of sensitive and accurate metabolism pathway analysis services to satisfy your needs. Professional metabolism pathway analysis services are provided with high-cost performance in the industry. If you find any services here you need, please feel free to contact us, our professional experts will do their best to assist you.

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