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Metabolite ID

Creative Animodel is dedicated to offering a portfolio of metabolite ID services to improve pharmaceutical research and development, including metabolite generation, metabolite identification, metabolite quantification, metabolism pathway analysis, etc. Creative Animodel is a leading custom service provider equipped with excellent technical platforms. And scientists from Creative Animodel have a deep pharmacological knowledge and extensive experience in experimental operation and data processing.

In vitro metabolite ID is a process to identify metabolites and to study metabolism pathway, which is a crucial step in drug discovery and development, such as compound design and compound evaluation. Metabolites converted from drugs within the body may impact pharmacological activity or even result in toxicity. Therefore, it’s necessary to characterize metabolites to improve drug design. Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS), widely used in metabolomics, is a powerful technique characterized by high sensitivity and specificity. Furthermore, Creative Animodel combines LC/MS with NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) to better understand metabolite ID.


Figure 1. General workflow of metabolite ID.

Comprehensive Metabolite ID Services

Metabolite Identification Services
Creative Animodel is devoted to providing metabolite identification services to assist customers in metabolite structure elucidation, metabolite quantitative assessment and reactive metabolite detection. These procedures are necessary to help compound design.

Metabolism Pathway Analysis
Researchers at Creative Animodel have strong backgrounds in pharmacology and statistics and are capable of exploiting valuable information from the vast and complicated LC/MS data. It is also available for you to choose the labeling method, like radioactive and non-radioactive labeling methods.

Metabolite ID Consulting
Whenever you decide to start a compound project, knowing where and how to begin can make a big difference. Knowledgeable and experienced researchers at Creative Animodel are prepared to provide guidance throughout your pharmaceutical project, including but not restricted to metabolite prediction and compound design.


• Advanced equipment and well-matched solutions
Creative Animodel is equipped with the first-level experimental facilities, like LC/MS and NMR, and we choose the most appropriate methods and techniques for different samples.

• Highly-competent team and extensive pharmaceutical experience
Creative Animodel has served global pharmaceutical clients for more than ten years. Graduating from top-ranking pharmaceutical-related academies, our scientists have worked in this field for quite a long time.

With a long history of supporting pharmaceutical industry, Creative Animodel provides comprehensive solutions for the entire process of drug discovery and development. Our rich experience, deep pharmaceutical backgrounds and advanced platforms will guarantee the cost-effective and high-quality services.

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