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Metabolite Quantification

Creative Animodel offers fully integrated pharmaceutical services to the global pharmaceutical companies. We provide clients with a wide range of services in the areas of in vitro ADME. Based on professional technical platforms and expert teams, our high-quality metabolite quantification service will definitely help to facilitate your drug development projects.

The Importance of Metabolite Quantification

Metabolite quantification is essential for drug-development process. In recent years, the need to provide quantitative data on drug metabolite as an integral part of overall safety evaluation of drugs development has been confirmed. When the metabolite is toxic, metabolite quantification is required. Moreover, metabolite quantification is often conducted when the concentration of metabolite reaches or exceeds the parent drug concentration in plasma. New pharmaceuticals have typically high potency, so small doses are given and therefore the detection limits of these drugs and their metabolites are very important. The European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) recommendation for metabolite quantification is visualized in Figure 1, which demonstrates that metabolite quantification is needed throughout the drug development process.


Figure1. Updated EBF recommendation for metabolite quantification. (Timmerman et al. 2016)

Metabolite Quantification in Creative Animodel
• Different approaches for metabolite quantification are used in Creative Animodel, including direct quantification and
   quantification through parent drug after metabolite hydrolysis, as well as quantification supported by using       response factors between drug and their metabolites.
• Our technology platform offers professional instrument, such as mass spectrometry-based (LC-MS/MS and GC-MS)
   quantification of metabolites through multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) using triple quadrupole state of the art       mass spectrometers.
• Selective and sensitive analytical methods for the quantitative evaluation are used for the successful conduction of       pharmacological studies.
• Our expert staffs provide reliable services and accurate results throughout the whole drug-development process    during the quantification of metabolites.

Creative Animodel has spent years of hardworking on the metabolism field. Our experts have extensive experiences in working closely with our clients to ensure accurate results will be produced by our cooperation. With state-of–the-art laboratory equipment, our scientists are always ready to work with our clients along the whole process of their metabolite quantification needs to ensure the most relevant results. We strive to enhance the potency, accuracy and pharmacokinetic characteristics of drug development.

1. Timmerman P. et al. Best practices for metabolite quantification in drug development: updated recommendation from the European Bioanalysis Forum. Bioanalysis, 2016, 8(12): 1297-1305.

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