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Metabolite Structural Elucidation

As one of the leading-edge experts among the frontier of DMPK, Creative Animodel is professional in providing metabolite structural elucidation. Based on NMR and LC/MS technique platforms and outstanding expert teams, we guarantee our clients the most reliable and efficient research services to best match their research goals.

What Is Metabolite Structural Elucidation? 

Metabolites are the intermediates and products of metabolism. The structure of metabolite can be achieved by bioanalysis based on LC/MS and NMR aimed to determine the metabolic pathway of new drugs. The metabolic structure can be elucidated by excretion experiments from metabolites of human, mice, rats, dogs, and monkeys, such as plasma, urine and bile. It can also be elucidated by the use of in vitro liver microsomes, hepatocytes, or other in vitro metabolic systems.

Why Metabolite Structural Elucidation Is Important?

In vitro ADME assays are quite important for drug development program through providing metabolic information including drug-drug interactions, absorption, potential toxicities and so on. Structural elucidation of metabolites is essential in order to understand the metabolic fate of drugs in humans and pre-clinical safety species. To develop and analyze drugs, researchers need to prevent the potential toxicity, assay the intrinsic activity against other treatment, determine whether metabolites being associated with known drugs and owning the same therapeutic effect as the original drugs by elucidating metabolite structure.

Creative Animodel uses nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and the mass spectrometry (MS) – the powerful structure elucidation tools. Our comprehensive uses of NMR and MS combined with outstanding experts allow us to deliver detailed structure elucidation results quickly and at a reasonable price.
• Using LC/MS to quickly survey a sample and acquire exact mass, purity and substructural information on
   all components.
• Multi-dimensional NMR analysis is provided to propose complete structures and get more integrated information.
• Our platform utilizes an automated system, which enables us to get analytical scale separation, peak isolation,
   on-line sample enrichment and NMR-friendly sample preparation. Moreover, a high-field NMR equipped
   with a capillary NMR probe for low-volume, low-level sample analysis also make it available.
• MS and NMR scientists and expert chemists with years of pharmaceutical industry experience analyze data
   to routinely, rapidly, and reliably get the structure information.

Based on advanced NMR and LC/MS technology platforms and expert scientists, Creative Animodel is glad to provide our clients with high-quality metabolite structural elucidation service. Other metabolite services are also provided. We are confident to offer you the most reliable results and reports to facilitate your researches.

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