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Metabolite Synthesis Service

Creative Animodel is a leading services provider who focuses on developing drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics for many years. Here we provide metabolite synthesis service to help you analyze drug metabolism process.

Synthesis of Metabolites

Metabolite identification and synthesis are important processes in the development of new lead candidates for drug metabolite profiling, pharmacokinetic studies (interference of metabolite), pharmacological activity testing (for active metabolite), metabolite quantification, CYP identification, and toxicity testing. Therefore a synthesis of methods are needed to obtain authentic metabolites.

Metabolites can be obtained from plasma, urine, and bile after administration of compounds to laboratory animals and are used in preclinical in vivo studies as a reference standard. The synthesis of metabolites is mostly done with parent compounds or is performed by total synthesis. In addition, microbial methods can be used to obtain metabolites. We provide all of the methods for active metabolite synthesis.

Metabolite Synthesis at Creative Animodel

We can use microbial biotransformation of the drugs to produce the metabolites that are not easily obtained by chemistry methods. The synthesis route of some metabolites is shown in Fig 1. We can prepare the N-oxide metabolite of the model compound N-benzyl-N-methylaniline by oxidizing with hydrogen peroxide, and obtain the hydroxamic acid metabolites from molecules containing an ester functional group.

We use microbial models to produce a sufficient quantity of metabolites. Most bacterial species have P450 enzymes. We can synthesize enantiomerically pure sulfoxides by biocatalytic methods using microorganisms or isolated enzymes, and prepare aromatic sulfoxides from sulfides employing Basidiomycetes. We can also obtain the amitriptyline N–oxide metabolite that is produced from fungus by the oxidation of amitriptyline with 3-chloroperoxybenzoic acid to compare with the microbial product. By using suitable animal microsomes we can performe the biosynthesis of drug glucuronides to obtain glucuronide metabolites.


Figure 1. Examples for synthesis of some metabolites.

• Our sample preparation is very suitable for in vivo metabolism studies.
• We can synthesize many potential metabolites of substrate, which cannot be provided by the body. We provide the synthesis of predrugs, like esters, amides, ethers, phosphamides, hydroxamic acids, imines, N-oxides, Mannich bases, azo groups, glycosides, peptides, salts, polymers, and complexes from the parent drug can also be obtained.
• Our products can be synthesized to improve drug stability and absorption, to reduce side effects.

Creative Animodel has focused on developing metabolite synthesis for many years. Our professional team is always committed to providing the clients with customized solutions for synthesizing the metabolites, and constantly stays updated on the advaced methods and instruments to offer efficient and accurate results to support continuous study on drug metabolism process. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We promise that our professional experts will try their best to satisfy your needs.

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