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Nasal Permeability Assay

Creative Animodel is a leading biotechnology company to provide nasal permeability assay to evaluate implications for drug absorption via nasal route. With years of experience in the development of nasal permeability cell model, Creative Animodel proudly provides our customers with reliable and reproducible RPMI 2650 cell model for the preclinical assessment of new nasal drug candidates.

Nasal drug delivery has emerged as a promising route of administration. Compared to systemic administration, nasal route offers attractive benefits including a higher drug bioavailability, reduced side-effects, and lower concentration requirement of administration to achieve the same efficacy. Up to this day, animal models or excised tissues are frequently used for drug absorption studies. Despite many advantages, they are not suitable for high-throughput studies due to their inter-species or inter-samples variability. To meet the increasing demands, permeability evaluation of new intranasal medications in an in vitro manner, Creative Animodel has introduced RPMI 2650 cell model that is the only human nasal cell line suitable for drug transport study. Our RPMI 2650 cells are cultured in a proprietary and standardized cell culture protocol to match the in vivo barrier properties of nasal mucosa. Indeed, our RPMI 2650 cells exhibit TEER value similar to human nasal mucosa and develop a confluent monolayer. In addition, key transporters such as P-gp, MRP-1, OCTN1/2, and PEPT2 are also expressed well.


Fig.1 Diagram of RPMI 2650 cell model for nasal permeability assay

The nasal permeability assay is performed with RPMI 2650 cell monolayer. And the formation of tight barrier is crucial for the permeability study. The development of a reproducible RPMI 2650 cell model depends on cell culture conditions. But fortunately, Creative Animodel utilizes our optimized culture medium and air liquid interface technology to induce the expression of tight junction protein and drug transporters. First, the seed RPMI 2650 cells are cultured until the cell monolayer is formed. Then key parameters of an in vitro pharmacological nasal barrier model are checked to guarantee that the RPMI 2650 cell is suitable for the nasal permeability assay. Finally, the drug transport study can be conducted.

Nasal Permeability Assay includes
• Nasal permeability evaluation of drug candidates
• Substrate or inhibitor screening
• Reliable and reproducible cell model
• High-throughput compound profiling
• Competitive price
• Fast turnaround time
• Excellent technical support

Creative Animodel is a professional provider of nasal permeability assay for drug candidates. We have devoted to the development of cell models suitable for nasal permeability study for years, which lays the foundation for the presentation of high-quality result. In addition, our experienced scientists have extensive problem-solving skills in RPMI 2650 cell model to offer you an accurate technical support for your nasal permeability assay. As your partner, we work to develop the most efficient and accurate methods, removing barriers and accelerating your development timeline. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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