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Non Isotopic Labeling Service

Creative Animodel is a global company with experienced scientists and precision equipment, and focused on non-isotopic labeling field for many years. We can provide our clients the most comprehensive non-isotopic labeling services to tag the DNA, RNA or other protein for observing the chemical reaction process, and further analyzing the metabolite pathway.

What Is Non Isotopic Labeling?

Non-isotopic labeling is a marker that takes place by exchanging a specific atom of the compound with a non-isotopic tracer atom. It is being referred as the non-ideal labeling method due to the differences in physical, chemical and biological properties between non-isotopic labeling product and the starting compound. Furthermore, it is necessary to select the appropriate non-isotopic tracer and the appropriate labeling method if you want to remain physically, chemically and biologically stable and use it as a tracer. We provide a variety of non-isotopic labeling methods including digoxigenin cDNA probes, biotinylated probes and fluorescent probes.


Fig 1. A scheme for the non-isotopic labeling.

Non Isotopic Labeling Methods at Creative Animodel

▪ Digoxigenin probe labeling
Digoxigenin probe labeling is the most convenient and effective method for labeling DNA or other sample to detect the signal. The digoxigenin probes would bind with alkaline phosphatase anti-digoxigenin conjugate. The labeling signal is then detected with colorimetric substrates. We have a series of kits for this labeling method and considerable digoxigenin non-isotopic labeling services for our customers to study the incorporation of nucleotide and identify the metabolic pathway.
▪ Biotinylated probe labeling
Biotinylated probe is another common used non-isotopic labeling method to detect sample contents with indirect route because the reporter enzyme is not directly combined with the probe. We offer high sensitive biotinylated probes and satisfactory biotin non-isotopic services which can be easily applied for DNA analysis of molecular biology applications and further analysis of drug metabolic responses.
▪ Fluorescent probe labeling
We provide a full range of fluorescent probes with samples being directly incorporated by fluorescent compounds, and then observe the results under a fluorescence microscope. Fluorescent probes of different colors are all commercially available here, such as red, green and blue, all of which will make it more convenient for our clients to analyze the function of drug.

▪ Low time cost and high quality labeling services
▪ Mark any specific target you want as we have a variety of probes to choose
▪ Stable and safe probes labeling technologies

Creative Animodel has focused on the non-isotopic labeling field for many years. We are very pleased to provide our clients considerable services to facilitate your project. Our non-isotopic labeling services are efficient and available at lower cost, and in-house experts will assist your research with professional suggestions. If you have any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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