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Ocular Permeability Assay

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The Ocular Barriers

The human eye, a fluid-filled sphere, is highly protected with several specialized structures. In the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, ocular barriers play a crucial role in controlling and regulating the transport of solutes, fluids, as well as administrated drugs. Based on great challenges posed by ocular barriers as below, the ocular permeability assay is necessary to assess the delivery of ocular drugs to their site of action:
• Anterior static barriers (corneal epithelium and blood-aqueous barriers)
• Anterior dynamic barriers (lacrimal drainage and tear fluid barrier, conjunctival blood and lymphatic clearance)
• Posterior static barriers (sclera, retinal pigment epithelium and blood capillary endothelial cells)
• Dynamic barriers (choroidal blood and lymph circulation)
• Efflux pumps


Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the human eye.

Our Comprehensive Ocular Models
We provide cutting-edge models including ex vivo models and in vitro cell culture models for extensive ocular permeability assays and 3D in vitro models for corneal epithelial permeability assay to meet your pharmaceutical research.
Ex vivo models
The most common ocular permeability assays utilizing ex vivo models are the BCOP (bovine cornea opacity and permeability) assay, the ICE (isolated chicken eye) test and the IRE (isolated rabbit eye) test. The BCOP assay has been internationally accepted due to its scientific suitability. Besides the three models, we also provide other ex vivo models, such as ex vivo rabbit and human cornea and rabbit conjunctiva models, to evaluate the new chemical entity ability to cross ocular barriers.
In vitro cell culture models
In vitro cell culture models help evaluate a number of experimental parameters, and hence are widely applied to basic science, toxicology, and permeability studies. We provide both primary and immortalized cell culture models derived from animals and human to mimic ocular barriers.
• 3D in vitro models
Besides the consideration of the response of cells in the 3D curved environment, 3D in vitro models also show significant advantages in cost, ethics, and the number of employed animals. They more closely replicate and complement the traditional models to best support the final decisions executed on in vivo ocular models. Our ocular permeability assay using MatTek’s in vitro 3D human tissue model (EpiOcularTM) provides an excellent solution for the evaluation of NCE ability to cross the corneal epithelial barriers.

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