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Ocular PK Service

Creative Animodel is a leading contract research organization (CRO) specializing in Ophthalmology. Our experienced and skilled scientists can administer drugs on various animals, and perform microdissection and analysis of each structure of the eye to determine the Ocular PK profile. We guarantee our customers the high-quality studies from the early drug discovery to the new drug declaration.

Pharmacokinetics is the study of the time course of the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of an administered drug. In recent years, pharmacokinetic applications have led to significant advances in systemic drug therapy, but applications to topical, ophthalmic therapy have been far less numerous.


What Is Ocular PK?

Ocular PK is the systematic study of the medicine concentration changes in the tissues of the eye when a drug is administered in different formulation by different routes, according to various schedules.
Ocular PK provides valuable information about the penetration of a drug into the eye and its bioavailability in the target tissue, as well as how it is distributed through tissues of the eye. Ocular PK research is capital in selecting early compounds for further assessment as well as assessing candidates for advancement into clinical trials.

Ocular PK Service Provided by Creative Animodel

With over decades of experience as a preclinical CRO, Creative Animodel provides a full Ocular PK evaluation ranging from preclinical Ophthalmic pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic to biodistribution. Our custom Ocular PK service can meet your unique requirements in all the research of Ophthalmologic pharmacokinetic investigation. The Ocular PK service we provided includes:

Formulation: Cream, eye drop, ointment or gel, implant, insert, patch, small/large molecule, microspheres, particle, etc.


Administration: Our experienced and skilled scientists can perform microsurgery to administer drugs. We provide different routes of ocular administration: intravitreal injection, subconjunctival injection, sub-tenon injection, retrobulbar injection, periocular injection, intracameral injection, subretinal injection, intra-scleral injection, transscleral injection, intrastromal injection, intravenous injection, intraperitoneal, intramuscular, iontophoresis, etc.

Animals: Creative Animodel provides an extensive range of animal models for Ocular PK, including rodent animals (rats, mice, guinea pigs) and non-rodent animals (non-human primates, dogs, pigs and minipigs, goats, sheep, rabbits).

• Microdissection: Ciliary body, eyelids, aqueous, vitreous, sclera Iris, retina, choroid, lens, optic nerve, palpebral or bulbar conjunctiva, nictitating membrane, extra ocular muscles, lacrimal gland, Harderian gland, nasal lacrimal duct, cornea, aqueous humor, iris, ciliary body, lens, vitreous, retina, choroid, sclera, optic nerve, tears, eyelids, etc.
• Whole blood, plasma, feces, urine, etc.

Detection: Tear formation, pachymetry, funduscopy, refractometric and fluorescence detection, HPLC, HPLC-MS, RLC-MS/MS, UV, qPCR, ELISA, etc.

Creative Animodel offers guaranteed Ocular PK service based on our advanced technology platform and extensive expertise. We are glad to offer one-stop, custom-oriented service package from initial experimental design to final data analysis.

 1. Shell J W., Pharmacokinetics of topically applied ophthalmic drugs[J]. Survey of ophthalmology, 1982, 26(4): 207-218.

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