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Permeability Assays

Creative Animodel provides a range of permeability assays to evaluate drug permeability and absorption. Creative Animodel is an established provider of ADME and PK services for drug discovery and development. Our staff and experts strictly observe the high quality standards similar to those used in animal and clinical studies. Both the credible prediction of in vivo permeability and the comparison of permeability data are guided by the Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) of FDA. Based on the professional, high-efficiency and experienced services, Creative Animodel gains customers’ consistent trust and support.

What Are Drug Permeation Barriers?

The main physiological permeation barriers to be crossed by drugs are epithelia and endothelia. Epithelia cover the surface of the body and line various cavities. Endothelial line the blood capillaries so as to regulate the distribution of compounds between the blood and the interstitial fluids. Despite their extensive biochemical differences, they serve as highly selective permeability barriers, separating internal and external environments. Oral bioavailability is a highly desirable property for molecules under investigation in drug discovery, because approximately 90% of all marketed drugs are administered orally. The principal physiological barrier that drugs have to cross to enter the systemic circulation is the gastrointestinal mucosa. Alternatively, drugs can also be absorbed through the skin, cornea, and buccal, sublingual, nasal, vaginal, or rectal mucosa. Some of these routes have been explored as alternative paths for the delivery of drugs that are inactivated by first pass metabolism. Another important physiological barrier is the blood brain barrier (BBB), which separates the blood from the central nervous system. Due to the difference in anatomical structure of the epithelia throughout the body, different drug application routes are impeded by different barriers.


Figure 1. Dynamics at the level of physiological barriers (Quignot, N. 2013)

What Are Permeability Assays?

Permeability is an important factor affecting drug absorption and distribution. Permeability assays provide an available preclinical technique to predict the ability of drug transport in cells and tissues. These test methods are based on lipophilicity, hydrogen bonding, and molecular size. It has long been recognized that these physicochemical descriptors are related to membrane permeability, although this relationship is often obscured when structurally different compounds are studied. In order to shorten time-to-market and reduce costs, the permeability of drugs can be evaluated by in vitro assays. We offer a number of in vitro models to study the permeability including cells, tissues, PAMPA as well as UCA. Membrane transporters assay is also our key service to predict the permeability of drug substances.

List of Permeability Assays

Creative Animodel has experienced experts in the field of preclinical drug evaluation. We provide services of pharmacokinetics including in vitro ADME and in vivo PK. We are dedicated to serving customers with high-efficiency assays and high quality data, helping customers achieve a trouble-free drug developing experience. We also offer customized services of DMPK. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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