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PK/PD Analysis

Creative Animodel is a privately held Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated in providing PK/PD services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Leveraging our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, Creative Animodel can quickly perform bioanalytical analysis to validate the sensitive and accurate of PK/PD assays in a number of different matrices from different species. Our scientists have extended experience working with plasma, urine, bile, tissue and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), and will optimize the extraction conditions to provide a reproducible and robust method to help our clients’ drug development.


PK describes the quantitative relationship of concentration–time profiles in different body fluids (plasma, serum, blood, urine, saliva, and CSF, etc.), whereas PD quantifies the characterization of the intensity of effects resulting from certain drug concentrations at the hypothetical effect site. PK/PD analysis, which is critical to drug development, bridges these two once disassociated branches of pharmacology. Understanding the PK/PD behaviors of a drug helps designing the dose, route, and schedule of administration to maximize effectiveness while reducing adverse effects.

PK/PD Analysis at Creative Animodel

Creative Animodel performs PK/PD analysis in multiple species (rodents and non-rodents) with all routes including intravenous, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, ocular and oral administration. Your compounds can also be administered to disease models, if required. Samples of blood, urine or other matrices, as well as tissues, are collected both pre- and post-dose to meet clients’ needs. Our bioanalytical laboratory contains GLP-compliant systems and qualified instrumentations, including immunoassay technical platforms as well as HPLC or multiple LC-MS/MS systems to provide sensitive, high-throughput evaluation of drug concentration in a variety of matrices. Our PK/PD Analysis includes:

• PK/PD program and protocol development and support
• Compartmental & noncompartmental analysis using WinNonlin®
• PK/PD modeling and simulation
• Bioavailability/bioequivalence studies
Systemic PK and topical PK (brain, eye, carotid and jugular, etc)
• Drug distribution in tissue/organ and body fluid and determination of blood and brain ratio for brain penetration
• Metabolic kinetics with active metabolites
• Toxicokinetics data analysis
• Drug safety evaluation
• PK/PD reports

Creative Animodel has expertise in designing, performing, and interpreting the PK/PD studies. Our experienced teams have a deep understanding of PK/PD analysis and can provides our clients high quality and rapid turnaround services. Creative Animodel is your best partner to encourage your drug development.

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